Thursday, November 05, 2015

I don't know if you guys already bored with my trip slash beach photos. But I just can't help the euphoria. Every time I sort them for a blog post, I feel like I'm still there, on the beach, sun bathing, play with the sea water, feel the wind on my hair and all. I'm even still giggling every time I bump into candidly or ugly photos of me (which are tons of it! LOL) And I just have no guts to throw these bunch of panorama photos that I took in Bangka island. So let me show you the true beauty of Bangka island one more time.

1. China Town
you can read my China town outfit + story here 

2. Hutan Pelawan
you can read my Hutan Pelawan outfit + story here

3. Ardal Beach
you can read my Ardal beach outfit + story here

4. Pasir Padi Beach
you can read my Pasir Padi beach outfit + story here

5. Tapak Hantu Beach
you can read my Tapak Hantu beach outfit + story here

6. Turun Aban + Rambak Beach
you can read my Turun Aban + Rambak beach outfit + story here

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