Two Sides

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So many stories happened lately. Good and bad stories at the same round. Why is it always to be like that? Two sides of coins that always haunt us down in real life. I'm not quite understand with my feeling right now. In other side, so many things that I'm grateful for, happened. But in other hand, I need to handle things that I'm sure breaking my heart.

I just dyed my hair again last Saturday (yaaaiiiyy!) and still, this time I dye into dark red color (I'm not sure which color it is. Sorry! But it looks dark red color, so it's okay though to call mine with that) And this post is my first time out with my new color, sadly, it doesn't look quite red as I used to think. But it's okay, I'm still love it!!!! Bye bye black root hair!

Le boyfie helped me to take these set of photos in Sunday. After long hiatus we had, from regular Sunday workout training, lunch-ing, swimming, and finally able to get some rest and voila, producing these photos. Thank you, love! But sadly, he just told me that he will moves to his birth place, Bangka Island, next Monday. Okay it might be only 1-2 hours by plane from our town, but hey he just came back in town for only two weeks -_______- You guys know, when he is not around I will not be able to take beautiful photos anymore. No boyfie = no personal photographer. Meeeehhhhh #FirstBloggerProblem But then again, I'll get used into it, I'll find another way just like I usually do. Wish me luck!

P.S I haven't got tired with this pair of Jeffrey Campbell Dressen. As I always told, it's very comfy like hell. This time I coupled it with my ripped jeans. Double combo of comfort. Who doesn't love? :D


cardigan - mom's
ripped jeans - Jolie Ann
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen

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  1. you look cute! love your hair!
    i want to have my own jeffrey campbell too one day

    warmest regards,

  2. Loving your lovely blog :)


  3. Loving your interesting post :)


  4. Fabulous pictures
    You look amazing
    Beautiful ensemble

    Love Vikee

  5. very nice and nice and cute...

  6. Shoes are so cool! All you post are so inpiring :) Following you ♥

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