Introducing WeddingShe: Huge Sale Hits the Town

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time definitely flies soooooo fast! It’s end of January already. It’s weird, how exact 30 days ago, we celebrated new year with new hope and new spirit; yet here we go now, in the end of the first month of 2015. Does your resolutions go well? Or something happen while you make it true?

New Year means new life’s story. For some people, New Year is a good reason to get married or to get born. Thus why people are soooo organize while it comes to special event. Not as human being only, for brands and other industries too. New Year means new season in fashion industry. It also means huge sale is in town! As it usually does, the last year collections will be on sale for most items, because well, producers need new space for their upcoming collection. And it’s such a heaven for most people! Well, who doesn’t love sale though? Somehow it means win-win solution for both producer and consumer *wink* And to attract people to get noticed with new collections, sometime the producers give special discount, just like discount wedding 2015 of WeddingShe. Well, Weddingshe is my new found web store which sells many dresses for wedding especially. Their latest bridal dresses for wedding in 2015 are soooooo awesome! You guys might notice that I’m sucker for beautiful gowns. Ahh and not to mention most of their collections are included as popular bridal gowns in 2015!

Here are some of my favorites gowns from WeddingShe! What do you think about my chosen gowns?

My personal favorite! Even if I don't have those boobs. LOL. But hey, who doesn't love those cuttings, puffiness and elegant look?

This is sooooo princes-y! I love the length which swept the floor with elegancy and glamorous! Total loveeee!

So, dare to visit weddingshe? :)

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  1. I dont have any intentions for another wedding, but these are dreamy!

  2. Love both of these! :)


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