Train Station

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last Sunday, me and le boyfie went to Solo for quick trip. Well, this trip was a gift from le boyfie before he went back home this Tuesday. This will be a very long photo post, but I decide to spare into some blog posts, so it won't be a boring post which full of my face. Hahaa. As an introduction, here you go, my outfit post on the D-day!

We went to Solo by train (my favorite transportation, ever!) in the early morning. The weather was quite gloomy that day, so I wore my knitted dress which worn as top and my comfy yet warm blazer from my mom (well, mom knows me best! Thanks mom!). They did keep me from the coldness, but to think that it might be sunny in the noon, I still stubbornly wore mini skirt. Hahaaaa. And knew I was going to walk around the trip a lot, my preference was of course the super comfy and catchy Nike Airmax (which luckily matches my top!). Well, I guess this rumbling introduction is enough for this post. So, see you in the next round! ;)

P.S please excuse my tired and sleepy face, since I couldn't get enough sleep the day before and I was asleep in the whole way. LOL


blazer - mom's
dress worn as top - ROWL's
skirt - ROWL's
bag - Persunmall
shoes - Nike Airmax

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  1. Lovely outfit, I love the mint top :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  2. Cool lighting! I guess train station is a cool place to take pictures XD
    love the outfit from head to toe and woah that mint top is actually a dress? Love the mint color<3

  3. Sounds so lovely!! Glad you had a good time ;)
    Love your skirt and those joggers :)

  4. aww thats so sweet of le boyfie, love tour outfit

  5. You look good, I hope you had a good time on the trip. Thank you for your attention to my blog, I also really like your blog, follow you))

  6. Hello Dear :* This post is great !
    Do you want to follow each other? or can you click in link on my last post? :)


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