Introducing DressVe - New Store! and Shopping Wishlist

Monday, August 11, 2014

It feels good to be back here, writing for my blog entry. Blame to my boyfie for my absence in blogsphere. LOL. Since he hasn't back yet in town, of course I don't have photographer :( so I just wishing he is back soon!

Anyway, today I wanna introduce my new found store, which has so many unique pieces inside, DressVe. Anybody already known this store? Or I'm the only one who late to know this store? XD
At first I thought they just like other stores which sell "ordinary" clothes. But until I scroll to their site deeply, look what I found! *happiness*

Golden lace dress! Are you serious? This is my most favorite from them! Just perfect for party, date or even just walking in town :)
you can get the dress here

Black never goes wrong! So true! This might be ordinary black dress, but look at the pattern closely :)
you can get the dress here

Golden blazer with sequin???? So genius! <3 p="">
you can get the blazer here

For all occasions without looking too much yet still fabulous! Pair your loose shirt with this black blazer -plus strong details on its shoulder- and you ready to go! <3 p="">
you can get the blazer here

Those are my favorite items from DressVe! But you know, the list keep going on! LOL. I just can't help it, to find another extraordinary pieces from them. :)
Have you checked DressVe site? Let me know your favorite pieces from DressVe wardrobe :)


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  1. love the jackets
    check out my party perfect makeup at
    lots of love. XOXO

  2. Wow I love their clothes! ♥

    By the way, please visit my blog too. If you liked it, follow me and i'll do the same. I'd love to hear something from you. Let's keep in touch! :)
    The Girl Behind the Pen

  3. I like that black dress.

  4. Really cool Inspirations, love it

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