No Stars Today

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Yesterday was such a bad hair day for me. I should get my hair washed the night before which I didn't do (blame my lazyness!). And I ended up with very messy hair in the morning. The worst part, I had no time to washed it because I had busy schedule that day. I even forgot to make my hair as horsetail. Uggghhhhhhh!!! The city was totally hot and I kept sweating T-T
Maybe I should get short hair style this summer. :)

Outer - AhaiShopping
Skirt - ROMWE
Shoes - The Little Things She Needs


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  2. love love love the skirt print and the clutch going on dear!
    check out my latest outfit post inspired by One Direction "The Dweeb Direction:Finally 16"! on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-


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