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Monday, April 22, 2013

These photos were taken few days ago before I headed weekend. My weekend was soooooooo perfect! I had amazing gathering with my parkour girls called Girls Day Out! (well, yes I do parkour)
The event was held to celebrate Kartini's day. Kartini is one of the most memorable women hero in my country. And her day is celebrated every April 21st.
It was amazing to train with amazing women. I never had chance to train with many girls since parkour is not quite famous in girls world (LOL!) but luckily, we (only girls) can meet each other and train together once a year. :)
And today the girls already went back to their hometown. Ahh, I hate saying goodbye (you know what I meant)

Girls Day Out day 2. image by: Feikal

Well, back to the outfit, I got this cat face sweater from TideShe. I'm amaze with the fabric, because it's just perfect for my country weather. And it still called as sweater. :p

Have a nice day!


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