Hot Summer

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hot summer is a song title by Korean girlband, which I don't remember the name, and it keeps swinging on my ears. I decided to give this post title as 'Hot Summer' because that's what I feel nowadays. Instead of welcoming summer, I think nothing more comfortable than short and shirt in summer days. Especially when you live in tropical country (like me!) which the summer is freaking hot! Short is always being the right choice. But don’t forget to put some lotion before going out to avoid the UV ;)
As for me, I love to wear jacket. And this time I can't help myself to wear this biker jacket from Wholesale-dress. It makes my whole simple look being extraordinary ;)
what do you think?

Big thanks to Nurul Hasanah Paddai for sending me these cute bracelets ;) These bracelets are originally from Borneo Island!

 shirt - Krusunk Celk
bracelets - gift from a friend

Have a nice day ;)


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  1. nice outfit

    so pretty :)

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