a little bit from Karimunjawa Island

Sunday, April 12, 2020

My last trip to end 2019 =) I know I’m pretty late. I went to Karimunjawa island for around a week and I love every minutes I spent there. I did diving to see nemo (yes, that Nemo fish!!!), island hoping, and photoshooting with baby shark! Hahahaa. That’s one of my wishlist, so I’m super happy to end my 2019 with a check mark =)

And to start this Karimunjawa series, I guess I will share the place I stayed in. It’s a small inn (almost private because it only has two bedrooms) and has a beautiful view of nature. You can walk outside the room and voila it’s a fresh air (and seaview) =)

Ah, how are you guys doing right now? All the pandemic et cetera must be draining our energy by now. Despite all the negativities, I hope you all doing fine and happy! =) We are on this together and almost all aspects of life are collapsing. But never feel alone, we can!

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