Pack Your Bags and Go

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Are you "travel light" team or "travel complete" team? XD You know how packing can be such a problematic in our daily basis. I used to love carrying backpack in years ago, but now for the sake of my back (LOL) I prefer luggage over backpack.

I guess as you get older, you will seek comfort over tag price, HAHAHAAA. And plus, I love to bring many shoes, so it will more well organize if I choose luggage. Luckily, luggage is now available in such cute colors, no longer plain grey and boring black only =p And I got mine, this blue luggage from Exsport, not sure if it's still available but you can check it here for more options!

Anyway, one of my blogging resolution this year is to write more. Aaaaannnndddd here we go, I guess I failed in the first month, LOL. It's pretty hard to keep the balance between offline and online world, don't you think so? Or is it just me? Feeling a little bit upset but hey, there are still 11 months to go! *spirit*whistle*strongarms* LOL.


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