Freeze The Happiness

Thursday, January 10, 2019

One of the most memorable collaboration throughout my 2018 is probably got the chance to work with Exsport Bags, one of leading local brand specialized in producing backpack (in a very long time) and now extending their business to create various kind of bags, luggages, and watches.
I've been their fans since junior high school (yes that long!) because their quality never failed me. A lot of my friends were using their backpack at school too. I remember, it was a thing back then. =)

When their representative met me last year, I almost jumped to death because of this happiness (okay, this is a bit exaggerate, but you know what I meant ;p). I simply said yes, big time, not because the amount of benefits I would get or anything, but because this is the brand that I've known and loved at a very young age.

I gotta say, I never ever in million years thought that my blog and my little online world would given me this kind of opportunity. Though I enjoy spending my spare time to check on my social medias or simply write a blog post, I am not that kind of girl who live or make a living online. So yeah, it feels like a dream. I've been doing many collaborations through my blog, yes, but working with my childhood favorite brand is definitely on another level of happiness.

No, they aren't asked me to write this post, this is my genuine gratitude towards them, for giving me the chance I never dreamed of. I really am very grateful to be able to work with Exsport Bags team alongside with my blogger/influencer friends. And I simply want to freeze this memory on the blog so I can read it over and over again, LOL.

So here I am, styling one of their bag and watch which you can purchase online or offline (hopefully they are still available!). And I'm thinking of digging all photos I've done for Exsport Bags, so you can see why I love them (since I was a kid, LOL).

Well then, see you on the next post! =)


watch - Exsport Bags
sweater - Uniqlo
sweatpants - H&M
shoes - Reebok

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  1. Loved the bag and watch
    Instagram:- stylebasket24

  2. Nice bags, i love the color. in high school i wear "tas kresek". you know tas kresek? the color same with your bags, the brand is SUN (matahari). I think i wanna buy that bags, because it reminds me of the past. heuheu.

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