SOCOBOX x Brunbrun Paris

Thursday, June 07, 2018

So at the end of May, I got a cute pink box known as #SOCOBOX from Sociolla! I got very excited because when it comes to Sociolla it's all about beauty and cute skincare/makeup they have!!! And this time I got to try Brunbrun Paris skincare, to be honest, this was my first time hearing the brand. But when I opened the box, voila! I was greeted by these cuties. I mean, how could I not jump into happiness???

What's inside the box?
  • 1 Two Phase Make Up Remover
  • 1 Daily Mousturizer
  • 1 Daily Cleanser
  • 2 Peel Off Mask in Strawberry and Black Mud
  • 1 Lip Cheek Eye Color (this one is my personal favorite because of its unique function. You can apply this on your lip as lipstick, on your cheek as blush on, and on your eye as eyeshadow. HOW COOL IS THAT?)
I was only able to try the peel off mask in black mud at that time. And I love the result after I washed my face. I felt like my skin was tighter, softer, and of course clearer. But I hate the smell when it first touched my skin. It's a bit too strong for my nose/taste. I haven't tried another ones, so I'll update you guys later ;)

And if you happen to shop at Sociolla, don't forget to use my code SBNLAR50 to get IDR 50K OFF!!!! =)

 The cute pink box

 I was applying the peel off mask in black mud.

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