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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Just like other newlyweds, one of the main concerns of me and my spouse marriage dreams is having our own dream house. Good thing is we basically love the same exact typical house: outside the city, large yard with the deceptively small house, and not to forget with many big trees around. Seems so simple in a dreamy world. But believe me, in the real world, the idea of meeting the exact same house as you dream is nearly impossible. Well, it is possible if you have enough money to afford it, of course. But in the stage where I am right about now, we're still saving a lot, so it's better to have various options, so we won't feel bad about ourselves for unable to afford 'the it' house.

As the city grows, and the time goes, the concept of ideal house is changing time to time. Right now, people are more aware of having big house, since it will costs more than a leg to have one. Plus, with the pace of living these days, where people love to travel around the world much, they rather choose the flexible/small houses, so they still have much money left for traveling.

As for this matter, another problem occurs like, how to make small house looks spacious? And feel homey? How to maximize the use of available rooms? And more importantly, how to decorate the house that will represents you? If you're living in the big city in the world, well lucky you! You're even luckier if you have friend/family that's having interest/job in interior design field. If only I'd be living in Los Angeles, I can't only choose one interior design company Los Angeles; well let's face it, we really should scroll through each of ones portfolios to get the right one that match our requirements, right? Having many choices is always better than no choice at all.

And whilst I'm not living in LA right now, and I envy for those who do, because I've been looking at JAC Interiors works for a while now. I love looking at their website to please my eyes with their breathtaking designs, and hopefully can give me some ideas. HAHAAA. Really wish I could bring them to my town, so I don't stress much decorating my future house XD

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