Beat the Cold

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

As a rainy person, I reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy enjoy this season! No matter how cold it gets, I still find the beauty of being freeze. I love to get my nails cold and blue, I love being wet when walking outside, especially I love wearing layers. I always miss this time of the year, especially when holidays come. Time to pull off long john, sweater, blazer, coat, and those kind of thing, people! Yaaasssshhh.

This time I will share my outfit regarding the rainy season. I wore this outfit styles to an event which talking about writing, blog, and internet marketing. Located in nicest cafe, and by nice I meant the place is simple, cozy and feel warm, no unnecessary ornament, no crowd, and most importantly they provide A LOT of books that customer can enjoy while enjoying their meals. NICEST cafe called Antologi Collaborative Space. Since the event was not formal, I opted to wear distressed jeans and sweater, but I wanted to look serious by adding blazer this time. Pretty good outfit to beat the weather and still looks comfy. What do you think? In case you're wondering where I get my outfit shop online, I put the links below! Feel free to check them out =)


sweater - H&M
disressed jeans - Hana&co (similar here)
blazer - mom's (similar here)
shoes - Puma

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  1. I'm a rainy person too! Love to walk when it's raining! <3
    So lovely photos!



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