Let's Get Lost

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Well, I actually was getting lost to this place. So the title is not such a coincidence ;) At first, me and boyfriend planned to go to see waterfalls in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. The place is well known for its beautiful nature, and has many choices of waterfalls. After googling for preferences, we couldn't decide, because all of them look beautiful! Literally beautiful! So we just like flipped the coin, as for, "we would go to the first waterfall we stopped".

Long story short, after packed, we drove the ride all way long, boyfriend chose different route and he was like "I've ever been ride this road, don't worry", as a passenger, I was busy with my phone and couldn't care less. LOL. Until he gave up, and asked to the nearest people the right direction to Kulon Progo. Well, panic attack! HAHAHAA.

After an hour and half of driving, and asking people, we got here which I'm not sure where, because I was so hungry, really wanted to have my lunch, and so tired of the road. HOHOHOO. We saw this river from the road, so we stopped and luckily the view is so incredible! Without further ado, we unpacked, got lunch, and enjoyed the river all by ourselves (and two natives who searched for woods nearby. LOL). So yaaaaiiiyyy, even though we didn't see any waterfall, but this river is as great as my expectation ;)


P.S I'm sorry you seeing my face more than you see the scenery. I couldn't pick these ones because all of them too beautiful to not shared *not a self narcissism, I just loooooovvvveeee them! x

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