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Thursday, April 27, 2017

I believe everyone who live and breath in this world owns at least one computer at home. It's like daily essentials tho'. Looking back years ago, technology has evolved so fast, and every impossible thing yesterday is becoming real thing today. Who knows that today, the time we live in, blogger or youtuber are jobs, things we never considered years ago. Who knows by talking to your camera, which considered as "crazy" become a trend, a job (even a dreamy job) which people dreamed of. Who knows by posing your OOTD, which considered as "narcissism" is now everyone dreamed job and could fly the blogger to many events around the world. That's the power of computer and internet, and now smartphone is the "new computer". I never imagine, what if the computer never existed.

You might wonder, why on earth in sudden I'm babbling about computer, internet and smartphone. Well, today's post is pretty special because I'm taking you to the the famous computer's antivirus www.AVG.com. All of you (or at least most of you) probably know AVG is one of the popular antivirus ever, since they started the business in 1991; with their dedication to prevent computer being crashed by virus, they always update regularly, and even giving them for free trial. As the world class protector, now they widden their antivirus range to smartphone (yaaaiiiy!). So no more worries when it comes to protecting your smartphone data. Well it's AVG's after all, I bet it's one of the best antivirus app ever (and it's free to download!!!!!). Crashed files is the worst nightmare ever if you're depending your daily life to smartphone, so choosing the best antivirus for both computer and smartphone is the only deal. Don't you agree? Have you tried any AVG's product? Let me know your thoughts!

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