Forgotten One

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I was currently missing my holidays, and at a sudden, I found a folder that supposed to be posted MONTHS ago, which I didn't. Blame my always unorganized self when it comes to naming folders and accumulating related photos on laptop #BloggerProblem These photos are just too beautiful, so it would be unfair if I just abandoned them and let them getting old without people even noticed. Looking back, these photos were taken 9 months ago in Bangka Island. Do you guys remember my Bangka trip? If you don't, just click here, here, here and here for the gorgeous beaches photos! Or here for the typically tropical trip at forest, or here for the panorama photos. Okay sharing those ones all over again is not easy, because I'm missing them more right now, and realizing there are so much more that I haven't explored in Bangka Island (well, hello, exploring all of them in less than a week is a credit itself, tho) These photos itself taken at the heart of the capital city of Bangka Island, Pangkalpinang. Really recommended if you want to have a non-beachy-touristy photo -look at all of those monuments and city signs ;)

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