Birthday Girl, Today

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy birthday me!!! This is my happy look facing the birthday today. Couldn't be happier knowing that I still get the chance to celebrate my birthday again, today. As life brings so many surprises in its ups and downs, being perfectly alive is more than a blessing, especially I get to live in my dreams, again, this year. Yes, my kind of dreamy life may not as perfectly easy as I thought it would be. But as people said, nothing worth comes easy. And I was ready to struggle in the life that I always dreamed of since the day one. And I'm glad, I make it. No regrets at all. Living the life you always dreamed of is always worth trying even just for one day, than living as a robotic human for years.


dress worn as top - Something Borrowed
batik skirt - random store
shoes - Forever 21
hat - Forever 21


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  1. Happy b DAY! yOU LOOK CUTE!!

  2. Wow! You look so pretty!!! Wish you all the best! xx

  3. Lovely look! Have a nice day)

  4. Happy birthday :)

  5. Lovely look dear. Happy Birthday!!
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