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Friday, April 03, 2015

Welcoming April with this basic colors outfit! Yaiiyness. Actually I do feel like 'elementary kid' in this outfit, because the color -white and blue- is commonly used for elementary school uniform in my country. Hahaa. And with the white sneakers on, which happen to make my legs look shorty short. LOL. Frankly speaking, I accidentally hit by "back to basic" phenomenon these days. And because today is super gloomy, I chose these white-blue combination. Such a dramatic, no? :) The rain even started to pour right after I took these photos *LuckyKidHere* Hahaa.

I still am depending my blog life in camera timer, but the good news is, I just got new lens few days ago! And this is my first time testing the lens. I kinda love the result. But still, will definitely digging more to get the best potential it has.

Anyway, my total outfit is from Zalora Indonesia. I got them while on sale! And I have a super good news for you my dear readers, you can get 15% OFF from Zalora Indonesia by using this code: ZBAPQA6H  ~~~~~~and you're welcome :D


Crochet Front Swing Top - Something Borrowed via Zalora Indonesia
Mesh Midi Skirt - Something Borrowed via Zalora Indonesia
White Creepers - Wholesale Dress (old)

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  1. Basics are always a good choice and I think this outfit is really cute and nice on you!

  2. I do love basic pieces especially white sneakers. I love how you styled this one :)

    Happy Easter, Sonya!


  3. lucu sekali sepatunya... suka :)

  4. Nice blouse - reminds me of some I bought from this shop I just need to find a matching skirt.


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