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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just a random photo that I accidentally took this early morning. I had no plan on doing something this morning, so I dressed up and voila, narcissism attacked. LOL. This is what happen when you have no trust to people to help you take photos. Hahaaa. All you can do is isolate yourself from the crowd and in camera-self-timer we trust. LOL. Bedroom is definitely best place to take in :p

No, I'm not complaining about having no boyfie around. No. But yes, I kinda miss half part of my (blogging) life. Call me freak or else because of my dependency to my boyfie. Well, it's all about trust issue anyway. Don't get me wrong, not because I don't trust anyone to help me taking pictures, but it's way easier to collaborate with my loved one because I can do thousands of weirdo poses before getting the 'right' ones. And I don't feel hesitate to make my boyfie, i.e walking hundred stairs just to get the photos that I want to.

But truth be told, the world is changing and I can't hide from the world forever. At least I should try to pose in front of anyone else. Well, I definitely don't wanna have indoor photos forever, though. Hmm, I might add this kind of progressing behavior to my 2015 resolution. Hahaa.

Talking about resolution, I'm beyond excited to see my trip-list for the rest of year. Really can't wait to be hang around with new people, smell the new air, see the other of God's creations. Ahh, late night is coming, I should probably stop mumbling before my word gets out of control. LOL.

have a nice weekend, people!

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  1. Oh so where is your boyfriend and why is he no longer around? I hope he will be back soon to help you with your pictures!? I love to explore new places for outfit shootings with my husband so I can totally relate to what you write :)
    Thanks for your last comment! Your comments always make me happy :)

  2. Lovely photo! I am sure you can get someone else to take your photos for you, it sucks doing it by yourself doesn't it?


  3. amazing post.. perfect photo...


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  4. Beautiful post

    Love Vikee


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