Wake Up

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekend is here yet over again.
Saturday night and I'm updating my blog. Is it an indication that I'm single? NO!!!!! lol :p
I have nothing much to do this weekend, since half of my fun yet adventurous plans are cancelled (wtf!). So yeah, back to the weekend routine that I find always make me happy -----workout.

What's better than spending weekend with your loved ones? Since I'm not living with my parents anymore, the only thing I can do when I miss them is wearing pieces of my mom's clothes. Just like the cardigan I wore today. It used to be my mom favorite, but now it's in my hand. Hahaaa. And now I know why she loved the cardigan much. It's so warm for the rainy days and calm for sunny days. And ohh, not to mention the colors! So elegant. Perfect. Don't you think so?

How I wish I could wake up like this everyday, with make up on, perfect clothes and neat hair.


cardigan - mom's
lace shorts - ROMWE

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