Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy weekend, people!
I'm writing this entry at home! *happy* Well, it's been a month since my last visit to my hometown -Geez, yet I just finished my hometown trip post last week- my body seems like in their need of fresh air and warm hugged, heheee. So, here I am, at home in the next hour after made the decision. What's better than having family around you? I might be can live everywhere, since I have no problem with adapting to the new place, I love traveling though. But still, for me home is where my parents and two brothers are. Even if we argue a lot, fight a lot, home is the comfiest place on earth. *why am I crying right now, huh? LOL*

I walked around -without any companion this early morning- to the playground near my home, and seeing it has beautiful scenery. So without any doubt, I did what bloggers always do! Taking photos #BloggerDuty :D Thanks to camera-self-timer for taking these photos, LOL.
I never pack a lot when come back home since I usually only live there for three days at maximum. So loose shirt and comfy jeans are a must! They both go with everything though. And not to mention the perfect sneakers for a day long walks. I turn off my femininity while at home, so welcoming my boyish kinda look, please :))


two tone loose shirt - Airborne
sneakers - Converse

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