Sunday Morning

Sunday, July 13, 2014

So, last Sunday I visited my workmate, Tika, in her work event called Sunday Morning. Sunday Morning stands for weekly event which held every Sunday. It looks like flea market in the morning and be normal street after 12 PM. There are so many unique and rare stuffs sold there. I personally love to go there (even I only happen to visit that market fifth times in my six years of living in Yogyakarta, LOL) because can see and meet many people with different faces, styles and smells and others. ;) The Sunday Morning market always packed with people, so be careful with your stuffs.
Anyway, I'm so exciting about tomorrow! Because I'm gonna have my 24th birthday ;) you guys should really bring me gifts, okay! LOL.
Have a nice Sunday.


bag - Reebok

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  1. loved these photos, wish I was there!
    ♥ check out Paris Haute Couture Fashion week over at ♥

    stay pretty XOXO


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