Night Trip

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Call me crazy, but EHEM I'm totally madly in love with my Jeffrey Campbell Dressen. Can't get enough over it! Probably the most comfiest heels I have so far and I wear it like a lot -more than the pictures can show! Every time I choose an outfit to go, my heart always falls into these shoes. It feels like I have no other shoes :( Is that a sign to get a new pair of shoes? (okay, another excuse to shop! horraaayyyy!!)
Anyway, I can't hardly wait for holidays!!! One more week to go and voila three days off are coming! Yaiyyynesss again :D
Well work is always hectic, so even though only three days off are soooo precious! LOL. Any plan for holidays, people? ;)


bag - PersunMall
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen

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