Holidays Ready with Waistdear

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Hello people!

Starting the last week of April with a beautiful smile on my face, and beautiful clothes on my body. Though my bank account doesn't agree with me, LOL. Not my fault that this whole month was about SALE, SALE, and SALE *crying happily* And my shopping list was getting out of control every time I see "SALE" section. Well, who doesn't anyway :p

And today, I want to share my newest obsession over wholesale shapewear. Yes, you read it right. As the holidays means eat-whatever-I-found-in-the-kitchen-slash-dining-room-or-every-other-rooms, I found my body is flabbier than before, well, duh.

So, I'm currently eyeing newest arrival of bikinis and lingerie from Waistdear. Waistdear is my newest found of online store which specialized in under-clothes I can say; from shapewear, bodysuit, or/and legging. In my defense, at this very time, we all do need to look good even when we eat non-stop. LOL.

And what's more, they are now have hot sale!!!! How can I not share this news? Welp. Yes, please hold my hand together so we can appreciate this sale news! LOL. But seriously, it’s a big deal guys. You can get the already cheap shapewear in discount prices right from their site. Just perfect time to get something. Oh did I mention that their wholesale high waisted leggings are on sale too?

Here below are my personal favorites from their site, which of course applicable for my style (P.S all of the clothes I love have perfect cutting and looks so sexy! Plus they have very attractive colors). They put such affordable prices for each product too.

What do you guys think about Waistdear? Do let me know ;)

This piece will go perfectly with jeans. Just pull up the jeans (or even skirt) and you're ready to go!

Nice piece to have because of so many color variations. You can buy the color you loved, check them out!

A classic piece that you should have at least one in your wardrobe. Never fails to pair with almost everything. And super stretchy!

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