Island Life: Pantai Penyak, Bangka Island

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hi lovelies!
I know it's March already, and I've been missing from my blog for almost two months (wtf?). Truth is, I've been away, had a very late honeymoon in a paraa.. paraaa.. paradise as you can see. Well, not the paradise in heaven, but we visited Bangka Island, the place where my husband was born, also it was my second visit there :D So yeah, I pick up what's left from my last visit, LOL. And I really CAN'T WAIT to upload/archive all the photos here because MY GOD it's so f*****g GOOD!!!

And I didn't retouch nor edit the photos, so everything is straight from my camera. I thought it's kinda waste if I edit the photos because it's all already gorgeous as it is.

This time, I chose to post the second beach husband and I visited. It's called Pantai Penyak, the sand is brown/white, it has a very large park, where you can also enjoy (I will post the preview of it, soon :p), and of course the beach isn't too crowd even if it's weekend. so it's a yaaaiiiyy!

Okay I'm bad at describing how happy I am to be able to witness all the gorgeousness the past few weeks. But I will try to tell the whole story better once I'm settled down. Overall, how can I not fall in love with this place? Everyday is another beach day.


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  1. Cakep deh iiiih! Pantai sama modelnya sama-sama bening ahay!


  2. The place is great!! It looks like a private because (maybe because it's quite place)
    And you look so happy!


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