New Hair, New Me

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Wow! It's October already! So that's sum up my September post is none. Eheheee. September has been a very stressful month for me personally. Thus, I had no energy to just say 'hello' or 'goodbye' here. Pathetic, I know. But I bet all of you have been there, in the lowest point of your lives, and have no desire to do anything but daydreaming about good stuff; am I right? Because that was what I did for the whole month. LOL.

But new chapter of my life, new month, and new me! I've been thinking to chop off my hair again for months (but couldn't do it), but finally, the time is here! Welcome back shorty hair! Not that I regret or else, but right now, the weather is kinda gloomy and rainy, thus this decision might be not the smartest decision. LOL. But I'm happy, that's the only matter! SO YEAH! Hello short hair! XD XD XD


sweater - H&M
jeans - Dust
shoes - PUMA

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