Coz It's My Birthday!

Friday, July 14, 2017

As cheesy as it sounds, I do love having birthday!
And this year is no exception. There are so much that made me feeling grateful, and feel like I'd never give enough thank you to God for every opportunity I've got. I FEEL BLESSED. TRULY.
Though I've been out of the blog for a while now, deeply sad, but no regret. I'm currently editing and recording videos, so yeah, I barely have enough time to sneak for a shoot. Hahaa, my bad. Plus, fiance is out of town, so apparently I have no photographer at the moment (another excuse, meh?).
Kindly give me a visit for my video page at =)

OHH! And I just changed my banner! Do you like it? Created by my high school friend who is an illustrator right now! A great one! Catch his work at =) 
P.S this banner is not sponsored by him, heck I paid him well as per his request XD so I'm sharing this behalf as a good friend, and as a satisfied customer =)

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