Saturday, February 11, 2017

News is I have no phone for exactly a week now, and I'm still alive! Yaaaiiiy, LOL. I never considered myself as gadget addict or so, but I never leave home without carrying that one. Well, I guess we all are. And the idea of having no phone for just a day is panicking me back then. Until recently, my phone is broken and it won't charging up, so it simply lost the power and died. At first, I thought I'd be dead by now (okay it's a hypothetical!), but come on, have no internet connection, no social medias, can't checking my email immediately, whatsapp/line group is deactivate, PANIC ATTACK, PLEASE! But hey, here I am now, a week later, still don't have those cliche thingies, and healthy alive. I mean, we as a human, sometime overacting over things easily, let the panic attacks ourselves, and depending our lives into things not that matters.

Silver lining is, despite all my incapability above, I still manage myself well; yeah sure I won't be able to 24 hours online as my life used to be, but hey I do still have modem that works perfectly fine. So I just need to be online while I'm home. No gadget looking while outside; especially while doing something I love such as workout or doing photograph. Less distraction for sure. And in the middle of my craving outside home, I can still borrow my bf phone, so I can take a little peak inside the online life that time. HAHAHAA. Sounds depressing but works just fine! =)

The reason why haven't I bought a new one is, I never bought a phone myself, I barely changed my phone. I'm not that gadget freak who updates about all phones specification and all, so I'm still searching for the "it" phone. I'm not into iphone, so yeah it has to crossed the list. And honestly, I have been saving for new dream lens, which will costs me a hand (and probably a leg), so this phone broken accident is such an unfortunate event for me. I have to crush a bit of my dream lens saving for the new damn phone. Damn =(


top - Something Borrowed
jacket - Zara Men
pants - H&M
bag - Zara
anklet - Romwe
shoes - PUMA

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