Older Brother's Birthday

Sunday, July 05, 2015

This is a picture of me and my older brother when we were kids. My older brother was celebrating his birthday at July 1st. I know it's kind of late to write this post, but I just want to memorize himself into a post that I will laugh to, every time I see.

Having brothers (well, I have two brothers anyway and no sister) is a little bit hard. Especially when I was a kid. We fought a lot of times. Yes, totally A LOT. And always ended up with me cried. Hahaaa.  Maybe that's one of the reason why I grow up as a boyish girl. Ha! When I was a kid, I thought it was suck have no sister, sometimes I even jealous to my friends who have sister. They looked so close to each other, because they could share things and all. But as I grow up, I realize that it was a totally wrong way to think. There is nothing wrong with having brothers. Just look at the positive side: I don't need to share my things such as clothes, make up, shoes and I'm being the beautiful one. Hahahaa.

After all, always love your siblings, because at the end of the day, they are the ones that always have your back (and vice versa). Do tell them that you are blessed of having them. However, blood is always thicker than water.


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  1. Happy Birthday to your older brother! Always feels a little nostalgic when you look at pictures of the good times :)

    Check out "Salem's Supreme" on The Photographic Sense-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com


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