Travel Diary: Solo

Friday, February 06, 2015

Ahh, finally Friday is here! And I'm done uploading these bunch of photos, ha! So, here it is, my amazing moments while I was in Solo, Central Java. I wasn't exploring the city much, since I only have less than 24H in this lovely city. I've been visiting Solo few times before and never get tired of this city. I just love spending the time in their local park called Taman Balekambang. It has so many beautiful spots to hang around, sleep or even to do running. Hahaaa. What's more, there are few animals that blended with us, humans, without any fear. Just look at the deer or the ducks :)

Another place that I visited was Manahan Stadium, located not far from Taman Balekambang, it is Solo main stadium I guess. Me and le boyfie were going there to catch our favorite snacks everytime we visit Solo. But sadly, that day the store was closed *crying* but no worries, there are plenty of traditional snack stores around the stadium *happy tummies*

Well, I think that's enough explanations about my trip to Solo :) Let the photos tell our excitements during our short trip. Hope you guys enjoy the photos *kiss*


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  1. Cool pictures!

  2. great post :)


  3. Looks like youre having so much funnn... I noticed some cosplay there...
    Awesome post!


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