Bad Flu

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I got a bad flu these past few days, thus made me can't do anything properly. I almost skipped my important activities, and only went outside to work, nothing else. But, thank God, it gets better right now, so I can do anything else which already awaits. Being sick somehow makes me realize how important to be healthy, and feeling blessed everyday in my healthiness. Well, you can have all money over the world, but it makes non sense when you stick up in your bedroom, can't do anything else except eating messy food and dosing yourself with drugs, right?

Aaaannnddddd! I'm so happy because the rain is starting to pour in the last two days in my city! Hmmm, really can't wait to walk around and bundle up myself with beautiful coats :D Have you guys already stocked up new coat this season? Or digging up into your treasury old collection? Well, no matter which one you prefer, the only thing that matter is your healthiness, so stay healthy guys!


P.S these photos taken before I got my haircut :p

top - old collection
shorts - ROMWE

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  1. Glad you feeling better the flu is the worst but you look amazing in the images.

  2. lovely look and I'm glad you feel better!

  3. Such a cute shorts! You look really cool!
    Great that you feel better:)

  4. You look fabulous
    Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  5. Your shorts with Bart are amazing! Would you like to follow each other, dear?


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