New Place

Monday, June 30, 2014

I feel so sleepy while writing for this entry. So, please excuse my mistakes in choosing words if might be happen next. I just back home after had dinner with my friends tonight, we laughed a lot, and I got early morning work before, thus why I am so sleepy right now. But I need to post this entry since I didn't post anything for more than a week! That's what I call a dedication, LOL :p
But surely I miss my blog, hopefully I can manage my time better, so I still can taking care of this blog.
And finally, I find new spots to take outfit pictures :p Welcoming my balcony! LOL. The truth is, I was in a hurry, yet still wanted to take outfit pictures. And I saw my balcony is not that bad, so I did pose there. What do you think about my new spot anyway? :p

Dressen Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

And happy fasting for those who celebrate! :D


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  1. you look stunning :)
    check out my Lana Del Rey post at ♥♥
    stay pretty. XOXO


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