Holidays Bliss

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So happy that I was able to spend my last weekend with my favorite peoples in favorite places and favorite activities. I don't know, I feel that time is waaaaaayyyyy more precious lately because of my insane work -_____- Remembering I barely have a day off on Saturday, my friends kindly enough to company me and my-have-to-do-plan that day. Feel like princess of the day! LOL.
Even just picking some photos to be posted here, I'm kind of miss my friends already *crying*

In the early morning of Saturday, we went to Umbul Ponggok which located in Klaten, around one hour and half from Yogyakarta. Umbul Ponggok is a huge natural pool with a lot of fish inside. Cool!!! (and a little bit scary to be honest :p) We spent around five hours there for swimming, laughing, eating, laughing again and swimming again :D
The next round of my-have-to-do-plan list is COOKING!!!! Yeah, had girls night out with my girls, Natalie and Ida. We slept in Natalie's house and cooked some cookies. Happy tummy is happy!
Well, I have not that much girlfriends in my entire life, so it's such a bless to have these girls in my life. Knowing them through parkour and now we close as sisters. Cool! We did girl stuffs like gossiping, laughing and sharing not so important news. LOL.
And in the next morning which is Sunday, I was sooooo sleepy. Buggy eyes -_____- I had to pick up my brother who was back in town for holiday. And then straight to parkour training which changed into my time to sleep in the middle of people's training. LOL.

Ahh, I love to spend my holidays with them :)
And hope you guys enjoy yours too :)


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  1. Yes! I need holidays :)
    Today new post, Off white dress and Chanel
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. Beautiful pictures
    Hope you had fun

    Love Vikee

  3. lovely pictures :)

  4. Great photos hun :)
    Check out my May Favourites at
    Kisses XOXO


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