Cause Everyone Can be A Superhero

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I always love creative people, people who always think out of the box, especially when it comes to fashion. I love the story behind every product made, the philosophy. I believe every single thing of human creature contains a message, a story and love from the creator. That’s all what made people love to see and/or to have the products.
And this hoodie is one example of that kind of product. You might be familiar with the symbol in the center. Yes, it is Superman logo. But, hey, did you notice that there is no letter ‘S’ on the logo as Superman usually has?
When I first asked to the creator of this design, “Why there is no ‘S’ like the one on the Superman?”. He simply said, “Cause it’s ‘Blank Supes’ design. Just fill the empty space in the center with your heart. You can be a superhero. Everyone can be”.
I felt empty at the moment. He was right. He is. I, you, and everybody else of course can be our own hero. We don’t need to depend on others. Why don’t we put the first line to make a better life? For us and everyone around. Stop blaming on others while bad things happen. Focus on the simple things we can solve.
Sure is, we can be superheros, without waiting and depending ourselves to be rescued by Superman :)

shoes - Puma


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