Friday, September 06, 2013

Hi again people! :)
Ahh, I hate this feeling when I already had something to write about on blog, and it suddenly blown up when I'm in front of computer, ready to write. Grrr. Bad blogger :( Nahhh, blame those very interesting sites which break my concentrate  :p Lesson learned, next time I have to write keywords on my phone, diary or others which I can reach when I'm about to write blog post :3
I do love writing, I even have my diary at this age *proud* so don't know why my brain feel blank in front of computer :( is it kinda new disease? Say no, pretty please :3
 So how's your day guys? I'm in my relaxing days right now *yippie* so nothing better than shirt and comfy shoes, right? :) I didn't realize until this post is updating that I often wear wedges shoes now, yeah? yeah? Their comfort are just insane :p plus they can add some heights for me. LOL ><

Vest: Dust
Bag: Gosh
skirt: ROMWE
shoes: UP

have a great time, guys!


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