Studs and Flowers

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello, people! ;)
Woaaa, I don’t believe tomorrow is already weekend (again) yaaaiiiy!
And time flies too fast, we will be leaving this 2012 year soon.
Do your resolutions last year have already completed? :)
Mine is not all. Still too many homework to be done.

I love December, because it means the weather is getting cold, wet aaaaannnndddd its time to wear coat, sweater and another clothes that keep us warm :)
It might be no snow in my tropical country, Indonesia, but when the rainy season is coming, the weather just extremely cold and wet.
But I prefer rainy season to the hot one. I don’t know, I just feel comfortable to take my coat/sweater out :) and I love seeing people wearing coat/sweater.

Just like this noon, I worn sweater and pants, and umbrella! Because it was raining.
Don't you see that my sweater has studs on its both arms sides? Cool, huh? :)
Another way to make my look not so boring, I put my red lipstick out! How do you think about my look? ;)

Black Studded Sweater - Cloth Inc
Mary Queen Black Heels - Adorable Project

I love when it’s getting close to the end of year like now. There will be a lot of SALE items! Hahaa. My favorite part every end of year :p
I do have shopping a lot lately (but only on SALE items :p )

Have a nice weekend, guys!!


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  1. i love your pants <3
    would you mind follow back my blog?

    1. thaaannnkkksss :) will do check your blog asap <3

  2. At least it's not as hot here in the Philippines!
    I want to visit Indonesia someday =))

    I love your umbrella btw. And you look so cute! The pants are lovely! And the shoes with the ribbon detail <3

    1. woaa, I thought my country is the hottest land :D
      please do visit, there are so much amazing things here :)
      and thanks anyway :) xx

  3. such nice photos! love your top so muchh <33 great blog, dear! mind to follow each other? :)


  4. I love your trousers, and the umbrella is so great! (;

    Merry Christmas wishes from Finland!

    1. ahh, thank you, sweetheart! Merry Christmas!! xx

  5. Love your bright umbrella and printed jeans! :)

    Hope you have a merry Christmas :)

  6. OMG can I pleaseee have that umbrella?? :D It's awesome!


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