Birthday Girl today

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Honestly, my birthday was yesterday, July 14th. But, because of I was too tired last night, so I had no chance to share some of my birthday photos. :)
So, here was my outfit! I choose colorful outfit for my special day. I hope it would make my day brighter and brighter in future years. Every big goal needs a single step, right? ;)

The details of my shirt and accessories :)

Flily skirt - GOWIGASA
Bianca wedges - June+Julia

At the night, my boyfriend has booked a table for having dinner with me at restaurant. I know, he is so sweet :)
And here are some photos of our foods and drinks. Enjoy!

And, surprise of the day! yup, it was a birthday cake. My boyfriend ordered this customized cake in the same restaurant. And, why I said it was special? Because it was MY OWL BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! you might be noticed that I'm a truly fan of OWL. yeah, most of my accessories are having OWL pattern/symbol. That's why, I named my blog as REDOWLICIOUS. I'm a big fan of RED color and OWL. hahaaa :D

And the last picture, me and my beloved boyfriend aka my personal photographer aka my mood booster aka my everything ;)

yes, as a normal human being, I do have a lot of some birthday wishes. but, why don't we just thank God for all of His kindness? for having birthday year by year, for having good friends, for still breathing, for all, I really thank for all -good and bad things- of my life. never enough to say thank You.

okay, my normal (for me) wish list this time :
 1. finish my study SOON! very soon.
2. get a new computer ;)
3. get a new better camera
4. get some pairs of new shoes! (its a must!)
5. have a new hair colors ;)
Maybe my wish list will be increase due to some reasons. hahaa :D

The first point above all is I just wanna be a better person, be a better daughter, be a better sister, be a better friend, and be better in all I do now. ;)

Have a nice day,


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  1. Happy B-DAY♥♥♥ lovely pics:)

    xx chris

  2. Late happy birthday wishes!!

    Your shirt is lovely!

  3. such a cute top! ;) & happy belated birthday deaarrr!


  4. Lovely top dear (: Happy birthday

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  5. You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! :)
    Love your skirt.. Your outfit is too cute! :D

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Florals & Orange

    An exciting International Giveaway on my blog- Win a Pair of 3D Glasses :)


  7. love the top!! and your cake looks cuuuutee

  8. cool look)

  9. Great photos lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Jess xx

  10. hope you had a great birthday !!

  11. Thanks for dropping by (:

    I think; late happy birthday hehe xd. I like your outfit. The skirt is awesome!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  12. hey happy belated birthday darling;) i love this outfit! that red ruffle miniskirt is gorgous and i like the print of your shirt!

  13. aww Happy birthday dear!

    YOu look so cute!

    <3 Una

  14. Wish you happy Bday sweetie :), that food looks so yum!

    Come to visit our blog, we got summer giveaway now :)

    Banana&Mandarina from

  15. Happy birthday!

    Nice outfit, I like your photos! :)

  16. Happy Bday! the cake was too cute and yummy!:) Nice outfit too!:) kisses!

  17. happy belated birthday...and wow such a cute top...


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