Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Brown Wall

I've been leaving my blog for more than a week, uggghhh I'm sooo sorry my blog! Honestly, I was not in really good place for the past few days. Well, menstruate made my hormone all uncontrollably, so I had acne bumps in here and there; thus I needed to stop wearing make up to give my face some breaks. Horay! And I've been so addicted with my sport progressions, which leave me with some marks (you can still seeing them though!) as I've been training non stop, ummm okay not "non-stop", but I'm that clumsy who always easily get hit or fall down while doing sport, so yeah that make more sense. But it's all okay now. The acne-bumps are getting smaller and most are already gone.

Meanwhile, I took a time to get this shoot done in my recovery day and we stopped by this brown hall (well, we couldn't find any pink wall as in famous one in California, so brown might works! LOL). You might wonder, why were I still insisting to take a shoot whilst my both legs still having bruises, or maybe some of you think, why don't I cover it up with photoshop. The point is, I'm proud with all the marks and bruises I have, because I got them while having work outs, so I have no reason to feel ashamed or need to cover it up. It's not a sin, it even shows how hard I train. So yeah, I insisted having this shoot and wearing skort, and no need to cover it up and yeah, I'm proud of having it. It will heals anyway, so no big deal.

And I wasn't wearing heavy make up, just a light moisturizer as basic, because I don't wanna get more trouble with the existing acne-bumps by applying foundation, primer or even BB cream. This was one fine day, so I chose casual attire, my always hair savior hat from Forever 21, to avoid the humid wind, a simple shirt; which is a birthday gift from my best friend, Tika, she knows me so well by choosing owl theme shirt! Hahaa. And a skort, but I put an extra thought by wearing my black with shocking color Jeffrey Campbell. It's been a while since my last time wearing them. So how the days treat you so far? Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


P.S in my sitting poses, you might seen my shoes straps look a bit loose, truth is I was in such a hurry then I haven't notice it didn't strap well. But I fix it as soon as I checked the result and changing onto standing poses. Hahahaa. My bad.

hat - Forever 21
owls shirt - a gift from a friend
skort - ROMWE
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The View

In my spare time, I love to play my camera around. And this time, while waiting to the next shoot, I shot some views from the place I stand in. No edit, sorry. You know how I suck at photoshop. LOL.

Location: Kali Kuning, Cangkringan, Yogyakarta.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Intoducing: Women Clothing Online by Fashionmia

As you guys might know, here in this blog, I often worn dresses. Yes, because I'm such a dress sucker. I love seeing beautiful and cute dresses both in store or online. They give calmness feeling, and princessy look I guess. Well, after all, we are always jealous of the beautiful dresses from Disney's princess, aren't we?

And as creative as fashion clothing industry can get by producing lots and lots of cute dresses which we can't resist, it gives us a hard time to choose the suitable one (#budgetproblem, LOL). Sometimes we love the models, but not loving the price and vice versa. So, that's why I'm writing this post, because I'm gonna introduce you guys with one of the online shop that carries cute dresses, Fashionmia.

Fashionmia is focused on bringing the best quality for women apparels from head to toe and they put such affordable prices for each product; my favorite part is of course their cute dresses selection. There are tons various of each category and I can stare at them for hours just to admire. Hahahaa, okay I sound creepy here, LOL. But seriously guys, take a look for my choices below, and let me know what do you think! ;)

Floral Printed V-neck Skater Dress

 Skater Dress

Gradient Chic Round Neck Maxi Dress

Friday, August 12, 2016


Hello from my hometown! Yes, I'm currently spending 'me time' by visiting my parent's home a.k.a my hometown a.k.a my lovely town Magelang. And guess what, it has been raining non stop today since 3 AM, and yet it's 12 PM now, and still looks cloudy and wet outside. Maybe it's how the town greets me. LOL. I love raining days and all the cloudy weather offered. I don't mind tho, spending the day wrapped up in the blanket, sipping hot milk, snacking donuts and overlooking through my laptop. Hmm sounds perfect to be 'me time' actually. I really am writing this entry in pajama and lazy chair; in the middle of the day? Why not, it's weekend tho! Hahahaaa.

On the other hand, these photos are far away from the freezing weather I just described above. Truth is, it was really hot day. It was a rush, everything was decided in the last minute. Me and boyfie were talking about our lust of having picnic again, and then one thing led to another we forgot this conversation. Until the next day, in the early morning, after having the conversation, we suddenly remembered and like crazy people decided to go hiking (is it count as hiking if we only down the hill?). Long story short, we packed, packed, packed, cooked, cooked, cooked, and then he picked me up and we were ready to go. We went to Kali Kuning, Cangkringan, Yogyakarta. It was my first time there (pathetic, I know, considering I've been living in the region for 8 years.) and we got there, I was in such a WOW. The view is breathtakingly beautiful; the calmness environment, the freshness air, the cleanness water and the gentle breeze blowing. The only minus there is the existence of trash. There are lots of trash there :( How could be the human is so uncivil to just put the trash in the nature. If you can't find any trash can, just bring your trash with you until you find one. How hard is that be? I'm sorry for being resentful here, I just can't help it, when it comes to ignorance people. They should just live in the box, not on earth.

Nevertheless, Kali Kuning is worth to visit, and please don't leave anymore trash there.


P.S on the last photo, I already got wet because I accidentaly landed on the slippery stone. But instead of regretting my wet shoes, I took the opportunity to take photos with shoes inside the water. Hahahaa. Not a necessary story, but yeah whatever :p

green top - Dust
shorts - Something Borrowed
shoes - Nike
bag - Eiger

Monday, August 8, 2016

Beat The Heat

Nothing beats the heat of Yogyakarta nowadays. The Sun shines like 100000000 times brighter and hotter. And it gets me confused, in one hand I really want to wear something less, breathable and simple, but in another hand, how the hell my exposed skin supposed to survive in this unreasonable heats? Feel like there is no choice, really. Full cover plus jacket? Sweats will be everywhere plus your skin can't breath. Tank top plus shirts? Skin cancer, darker skin and uneven tone will be there in the next day. Tons of sunblock? Are you really want to make cream sauce?So it really is no option. The best thing to do is just relax indoor and not going out if not really necessary. Not the best advice, but it works well for me. It would be nice though if global warming is less and people care more about the environment. True?


P.S maybe I'm not supposed standing above the grass while talking about environment. LOL