Thursday, April 28, 2016

JUMPalitan Off Duty - Reza's Wedding

Yesterday, April 27th 2016, my best friend, Reza Akhmad is getting married! Like finally! We've been friends for almost six years, and seeing him right now, as grown up man whose just married, is an absolute happiness. How could I not? He has been my very supportive friend since the day one, and it still is until now. He also the one who lend me his camera for days, back then - just to make sure I could update my blog. Hahaaa. And the one who gives me suggestion (a lot) about camera, right after I bought my current camera. Last but not least, the one who always cherish every moment in his life, he even laughed at his parkour accident into surgery room, wtf. And the bride, Rima Ariska, is a great woman. She just clicked with us all since the first day we met. The one with warm heart, and very open minded. She even no less supportive.They fulfill each other, and I can see love spreading in the air around you guys, without too much expressions. I'm beyond happy knowing you guys make it, and I wish you both nothing, but tons of happiness, because you guys simply deserve it. I love you both to the Lisses and back!


P.S since it's such a rare moment to the gang to look good and wear formal outfit, I snapped a lot of photos (please excuse us!)

 Whooops, caught me eating! LOL

 The JUMPinten

And some of Indonesian foods, but minus soto, satay, siomay and local beverages, because I'm too busy eating and chit chatting, LOL.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Stop

Wait, what? Is it Saturday already? I must seem so desperate because updating my blog in Saturday night, LOL. Truth is, no I'm not that desperate, in fact I just had one of those -ohh so called- super tired day. And I just wanna lay down on my bed, being lazy and browsing non sense; then I remember having draft in this blog, so well this happened *smirk*

Crossed this street few days ago after having lunch and in a sudden the rain fall down. We (me and boyfriend) decided to stopped by on a small gardening theme restaurant. Lucky to accidentally get these photos done before the rain fall hard. One of the perks of having good photographer around is get the job done faster! Hahaa. Anyway I'm sooo excited because next week I'll be in Bandung, West Java! It's been a while since I visited the city, so I'm really looking forward for the holidayyyysss! Have a great weekend, guys!


butterfly top - Rave Habbit
pants - ROMWE
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, April 8, 2016

Magelang Culinary Festival 2015 - Late Post

It's the time of the year, again! Long story short, I came back home this early morning, while I was sight-seeing, I saw a huge billboard and few banners advertised about "Magelang Culinary Festival 2016 - starts from Apr 8th to Apr 10th" What a lucky me! I ever came to the event last year with my mom, and I was home not empty handed of course. Tried some street foods, and took some pictures, which I haven't shared until I remember it now (duhh!) But too bad, today I wasn't packed my camera along with me, because I simply thought "well, I wanna bring home foodies at my place, so why bother to bring the camera; it will fully consumed my bag" and I regret it. NOW. Because I can't take pictures of what the festival brings this year *crying out loud* #badBloggerDetected

Well, at least I can share the joy of last year's festival.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Old Scarf

Hello April from this busy bee! I just can't believe four months is gone already, and it's only eight months left until 2016 is officially over. The good side of being (sadly) busy is you never get enough time and lost (in a good way) most of it.

Talking about time, I remember purchasing this Batik scarf years ago, but never get chance to try it out. So lucky because the unpredictable weather pushes me to create more layers outfit. Hahaa. I'm so amaze, since I put the scarf in its original box, and only put it out to get wind blow, it still is in perfect condition just like the first time I got it. No color changing. Guess just like old saying, "good things come in good prices". I really start to believe in goods investment. Any of you investing your money in particular things? Let me know what kind of goods that really worth investing!


top - ROMWE
leggings - OASAP
scarf - Batik Indonesia
shoes - Forever 21

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Note to Myself

After two weeks missing, now I'm back with a new post. Having two personalities with two opposite jobs is not easy to maintain as I thought before. My boyish side of self always craves for physical/sport activities, and I do love what I'm doing. Yet my girlish side of self always pushes me to maintain my body such as having body spa, do salon, shopping, etc. And doing them in 24H is never enough. No complain, I do love them both, but having them equally in my self comes at a price. In some points, my body is just giving up without notify me, or worse it did notify me, but I ignored the signals. And the worst, I end up abandoning this blog. Time management does matter, especially when you're planning to do almost everything in 24 hours, noted.


cardigan - Sheinside (old)
shirt - ROWLs
sandals - Jeffrey Campbell