Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Sale: Fashion Designers Sale at StyleWe

December is obviously everyone's favorite month. It's Christmas month and end of the year. For me as a blogger, the best thing about long holidays is SALE everywhere (please tell me you do feel it too!). All brands, all pieces are mostly on sale at a crazy point of price. The holiday's vibe is getting stronger as all decoration in December are covered in red, green, and gold; and not to forget, the snow, the tree, the cookies and all warm clothes shown in every corner of public places.

The sale I was talking about is not only in store, but -the great news is about to begin- most web stores are also join the crowd by throwing huge sale from their collection. Just like the well-known web store  StyleWe, the one who carries freshly independent fashion designers pieces as their collection. As StyleWe already offers the best prices in the market -well we know how designers pieces can cost a life for some people-, they're still having sale on the selected items! If you have no idea how StyleWe clothes work for you, you can visit their Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/stylewe/ to look for inspirations. Or if you have any uncertainty about StyleWe, you can always check on their blog to see the reviews.

And since December is getting darker, gloomier and colder, I'm thinking about having such a long covered clothes. Well, just in case, so I won't get freeze while having party outside. LOL. And here are my three favorite maxi long dress that I fall in love from StyleWe. What do you think?




Thursday, December 1, 2016

Back To The Greens

Hello, December! I should have posted this entry two days ago.

Being able to frequently back to the greens is a privilege if you are living in big busy city, where traffic jams come as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a easily stressed out kind of human, I always arrange to give myself a little break; a nice dinner at fancy junk food restaurant, play some games at Timezone, do nothing at all but sleep, or go for a mini picnic work perfectly for me. And few days ago, I chose to chase the greens in the uptown, where you can't see anything but greens! Everywhere. We stopped at Jembatan Perak (Silver Bridge) to get some snaps. The last time I visited, I was the one who photographed everything, this time I came as a object. Hahaa. Nothing's change. And I wish it never was. I love escaping here; it's not that far from my place, and even though the bridge is already well known, not many people are willing to stop by. So it's a big yaiiyy for me.

Thank God, the package from Puma Indonesia arrived just in time. So I could do both relaxing my mind and doing test drive for these new babies. Meh, look at my shoes, doesn't it remind you in 90's era? I mean, look at the fresher colors! LOOK! I'm sorry I can't calm myself, because it freakishly breathtaking!!!! I love it! LOVE! L.O.V.E


polo shirt - unbranded
jeans - Berrybenka
bag - Adorable Project
shoes - Puma

Friday, November 25, 2016

Long Gone

Another shoots in the middle of gloomy day. I might already tell this many time, but I will tell it again that I LOVE RAINY DAYS!! So yeah, I really don't mind getting wet or cold, in fact I love the weather nowadays. Even though it's getting hard to take shoot, because the sun barely shines. #BloggerProblem lol. Took a stroll with boyfie few days ago, and stopped at this ancient building in my city called Pojok Benteng Wetan (Jokteng). I've been there many times, and yet it still haven't showed up on my blog until this time. HAHAA. Well, that's a natural problem, you know, humans always seek for those which they don't have, yet rarely appreciate what they truly have. Don't you think? I always dream of taking shoots at famous destinations, but hey, there are so much that I haven't shared from my city! It's like a wake up call. I hope I can share many photos from my favorite places in the city I've been living from 8 years now *crossed my finger* Have a nice coldy day, everyone!


P.S I don't usually edit my photos, so yeah the place was quite dark while we got there. In fact, it really white and bright if you catch it in normal/sunny days.

sweater - Persunmall
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: KA'FEN Deep Recovery Treatment

Hey guys! Today's blog post is pretty special because I'm gonna reviewing one of my recent hair treatment product. As you can see, I have colored hair, and the last time I checked, I still have very bad habit in keeping my hair healthy. LOL. I've been changing and using many hair products, and still haven't satisfied with the results. Luckily, few weeks ago, Clozette Indonesia x KA'FEN Indonesia kindly sent me one of KA'FEN Impression Series product, to give it a try to my damage hair.

Just a short brief in case you haven't heard about this brand; started in 2010, KA'FEN grows as a very reputable Taiwan's hair treatment brand. They produce two different series for each hair problem; Impression Series (known as the first product of KA'FEN) and Restore Series.
  • Impression Series consists of Repairing Shampoo, Refresh Shampoo, Colored Hair Shampoo and Deep Recovery Treatment.
  • Restore Series consists of Restore Shampoo and Restore Treatment.
Long story short, I've been using KA'FEN Deep Recovery Treatment few times now, and each time I'm using it, my hair's getting smoother and healthier. This Deep Recovery Treatment used as conditioner; so after I cleanse my hair with shampoo, I put small amount of KA'FEN and gently rub through my hair just like using regular conditioners. I wait for a minute, then rinse my hair. Magic happens, the minute I start to rinse, because my hair instantly feel smoother. Honestly, it's the smoothest feeling ever, compared to when I used other conditioners. KA'FEN really does the job to restore and nourish my colored hair inside out! Yaiiiyy!

+ KA'FEN makes my hair smoother and healthier.
+ it smells so good.
+ doesn't leave any oily feeling.

- I didn't find any so far, because my hair is extremely happy now!

Healthy hair is happy hair! :D

Sponsored post, but as always all thoughts are mine and based on personal experience.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Beautiful Gowns Inspiration from Amanda Dress

As a girl (and a princess at heart! LOL, kidding!), I can't resist when it comes to sightseeing beautiful dresses. I always ended up admiring and staring them for hours. The cuttings, the beads, the materials, the designs; I meant, you know the feeling, right? Today my new found beautiful dresses web store happens to be Amanda Dress; started in 2013, the company specialized in producing beautiful gowns such as wedding dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even cheap elegant wedding dresses. Beside their current styles, Amanda Dress accepts any client's special request and try the best to make it comes true. Don't you worry, because they offer competitive price with high quality materials. Look at my two favorites below, from the http://www.amandadress.com.au/a-line-wedding-dresses-c119055/ section. They are such beautiful dresses, right? Do check their site and let me know which one is your favorite ;)

Classic & Timeless Appliques Summer Half Sleeves Hall Church Winter Fall Wedding Dress

Garden/Outdoor Fall Lace-up Floor-Length Summer Appliques Sleeveless Court Wedding Dress