Tuesday, October 25, 2016

After The Rain

I totally forgot having these bunch of photos which I took few days ago (more than a week I guess, LOL). Shot a little project with boyfriend in such a sudden, and had no proper preparation, but thank God, everything went well. Decided to take some shoots at Glagah beach in last minutes (well, at 11 AM) and went straight to the beach at 1 PM, the trip itself took an hour an half, so as you might guess, we arrived in a quite dark and cloudy sky. I felt hopeless at first, because we got rain right before the beach, and I wasn't sure if we could catch some images and videos. But, we did! Not at the best light or so, but still worth to share! HAHAA. And here is some footage from my last beach trip (as I said before, no proper preparation, so yeah, I didn't wear proper beach wear. Plus it was rain hard, so it makes sense :p)


Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Time

Life has been pretty busy lately. Not gonna complain though, because I love being busy in thing that I love doing. Well, who doesn't, huh? Thing is, in order to be able to do all things in a click, I need to cut half of my sleeping time. Not an easy task at first, but yaiiiy, it's already a habit right now. Don't ask me how many I got to sleep, my eye-bags tell them already. LOL.

Honestly, this was an accidental outfit shots. I wasn't planning to get this shoot done, in fact I was doing another project, and saw many "free time", my inner blogger self told me to pose and taraaaaaaaa these are the results of my narcissism that day. LOL. No fancy outfit nor shoes. The project was about adventurous, and this is what I got on my mind first, thoughts? Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead! I should really get some sleep while I still can, now!


pink sport bra - Nike
tank top - Krusunk Celk
shoes - Nike

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unfortunate Event

So happy that H&M finally launched its first store in my town, Yogyakarta, yesterday. It means I no longer need to go to Jakarta whenever I'm in urge of H&M products. LOL.Thus, I took the opportunity to visit them, but boy, the queue was INSANE! Seriously insane. Well, I wasn't surprise, because H&M offered huge discount for the first 300 costumers, and even though I was curious to see the store, I wasn't that freak so yeah, I might as well skip "wake up in the midnight to get the first in line". So I went there in normal hour, 10 AM, and saw the queue makes me hungry, so I moved around the mall for maybe an hour, and back to H&M, but I was so unlucky, the queue wasn't empty yet. Then, I bought some bakeries and went home. HAHAAA. Not a real shopping fighter, I guess. But I'm planning on visiting their store, ummmmmm, next time I have a chance! LOL.


Strarry Tube Dress worn as skirt - ROMWE
sweater - Something Borrowed
wedges - UP shoes

Thursday, October 6, 2016

One Stop for All: Introducing Yes Catalogues

I guess most people love online shopping. Well who doesn't? With all the easiness, and sometimes with all the discount, and lower prices! IF there were people who hate it, they must be crazy, like seriously. LOL. As a person, and as a human who happen to have a blog, lifestyle particularly, it's like a fair share if I lovvvvveeeee shopping through online (half of my life is online though!). Just click, search, click, pay, and BAMM! The goods are already in front of your house. Even though we expect to get the package in the next few days, but still it kinda bring butterflies around my stomach to see packages, wrap neatly, and smell so good. Feels like opening my birthday presents. HAHAA. I'm not alone in this, right?

I love shopping as much as sharing, thus, in this post I wanna share my mining gold, okay not really a mining gold, but still a treasure, my new found in the world of online shopping. There is this website called Yes Catalogues which happens to collect tons of fashion products from various store in a site. How cool is that, huh? So you don't need to jump from one onto another site just because your fashion needs doesn't take pride in just a web store. Yes Catalogues offers help to customer, and by help I meant that they manage the site in such a way that customer able to compare tons of products by price range, discounts, delivery options and payment options. What a fresh new way in the world of online shopping, don't you think so? And while I'm browsing, I manage to browse some stores through their site. So, what do you think about both my treasure and my picking stores? Any idea to share? Let me know!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Independent Designers Web Store: StyleWe

Do you ever feel that you can always find a reason to shopping? I meant, even though we really are in thigh budget, but somehow we always can slip out, and shopping. Even when we feel guilty after that, but there is such happiness inside your heart and butterflies fly around your stomach. That's a real guilty pleasure I guess. HAHAHAA. Do you ever feel that? Well, I don't write anything to teach you feel good about shopping, because it IS good! The only thing I want to share is, how does it takes to be smart shopper. We might want to buy anything in store which we don't need now; it's okay, it's normal. The only thing you need to do before going bankrupt, LOL, is to find the perfect store, so let's just say, you won't spend much but still get much and feel the happiness. As a blogger, and happen to post outfit shoots regularly, of course I'm talking about clothes, and accessorize and shoes and bag, and any fashion related.

That's why, I feel lucky enough to find StyleWe. You might wonder, what is that. Well, StyleWe is a web store which happens to carry A LOT of independent designers products. How cool is that, huh! Imagine you'd be able to buy an independent designers products in just a click, and BAMM it's already in your door step. They bring many interesting designers to join their platform, thus we can expect the limited edition of their products will be. Exclusive, original and still affordable for your pocket. And here are some of my favorites right now, quite interesting, no? Let me know what do you think? =)

They're having SALE right now, so you better hurry to get some cut off!
... also find them on: