Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yellow Boldness

I haven't thought that adding yellow color to this outfit would turn it into strong unstoppable yellow, until I saw the result. What was I thinking?! I guess I should have chose brown or another earthy colors instead; well maybe next time :p I just thought that it's been a while since I abandoned my pineapple bag, so practically, it was my main outfit, and the rests are additional, LOL. Then I thought about giving a test drive to my newest batik skirt which I found few days ago while accompanying friends of mine shopping. At first I felt buying it was a mistake because it didn't fit me right, but still I insisted myself  to buy which luckily I did, because I love it now (especially after I saw these bunch of photos and show the skirt is totally fit me right!)! And yellow is always be my happy color, so I have no regret having this outfit in yellow boldness. Lesson learned, shopping is always right, even when you feel it wrong. LOL.


cardigan - ROMWE
skirt - Mirota Batik
bag - Adorable Project
wedges - The Little Things She Needs

Friday, November 20, 2015


- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you know someone really well, spend much time together, but turns out you didn't know them at all?
Maybe people don't wanna hurt others feeling by telling the truth; but telling the truth is always appreciated.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you are special for someone, but none of their action show how special you are?
Maybe, you are not special in the way you see yourself special in their eyes.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you love someone really much, but turns out you had the guts to cheat on them?
Maybe deep down, she/he knows that she/he has no future with him/her.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought life is going really well according to your plan, but turns out it suddenly messed up?
Maybe people don't do enough good seeds. That's God's way to reminds us.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought your parents are gonna be with you forever, but turns out they could get sick and worse?
Maybe it's the only way, to wake us up to take a good care of parents and have time for them.

All the bad things are real, and just like two sides of coin, all bad things happens as in equal amounts as good things. That's how life works. You get karma in every single act you've done, they said. No complaining, just some random thoughts in the evening, x!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blanc et Noir

Finally I'm able to just sitting down and updating my blog. It feels so relaxing though. I miss my blog! Haven't updated it for almost a week drives me insane already. You know, when you love doing something, and already get it fits in your daily habit; and for almost a week haven't doing it, something is missing and feeling not right. However, I'm start writing this entry at 5.30 AM, yeah in the morning is the only time I can just chilling before eating. Hahaa. Looks like my biological time is gonna change a bit.

Anyway I'm so excited, because my city is entering rainy season! Yaaaaiiyy! As my favorite season, I can imagine it's all about sweaters, jackets, layers, beanies, and everything warm. Wohooo! And as an introduction, I wore my panel jacket and ripped jeans for today's outfit. Ripped jeans is still on the table, right? :) I have to stop mumbling right now, because I need to prepare hitting the swimming pool at 8 AM; so, talk to you later!


INMATE tank top - Krusunk Celk
Panel Bomber jacket - Something Borrowed (via Zalora ID similar here)
white ripped jeans - Hana & Co (similar here)
shoes - Forever 21

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Moving On

Life is getting hectic with boyfie current moving thingy; because, that also means I should lend my hand to help him *insert peace symbol here* Don't imagine anything beauty about the moving thingy, because it's all in reverse since he really wants everything new for his new place! Can you imagine that? I should tailed him everywhere just to make sure he buys the important and good quality things only; yet we still argue about whether to take it or not. But still, have everything almost done, and just like we want it to be (I put some reddish and girlish details somewhere :p) are really paid off. It's all almost done right now, well maybe 80% considered done, already put us into biggest smiles every time we see and enter the rooms.

Luckily I still manage to get my job done in the middle of the day. Even though I should pay my non-stop-working-moving-stuffs with legs sore lately. Hahaa. I guess I need to take extra rest until the moving stuffs are all done. Wish us luck! ;) and hope you guys are doing well!


blazer - mom's
pant - Coup Belle
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Monday, November 9, 2015

Almost Black

Hello again from my old spot! :) boyfie is so busy right now, and that makes me back to my tripod again. LOL. He is currently moving to new house, so I have no guts to bother him just to take my outfit pictures. I also am so excited about his moving thingy, because he is gonna have a studio room in the house; he said I could decorate the studio room. Yaaaiiiyy! I can't wait to give my contribution to that room, and hopefully giving me that trust is not gonna be his biggest mistake, LOL.
Anyway, my hair length is in such confusing term, since it's too short to get tied, but too long to let it away. Since my hair is straight which I don't really like because it makes my face looks chubbier, I used to curl it out to give extra volume on my look. But my hair is shorty short right now, it is harder to use my regular curler, that's why my hair looked like a mess in these photos. Please forgive my fail curled hair :p I guess I should buy smaller curler.


Alanis top - Coup Belle
skirt - ROWLs
biker jacket - ROMWE
shoes - Forever 21