Sunday, June 26, 2016

City Tour

One fine day in the city. The Sun shined warmly enough to wake me up and started walking around in the quiet morning that day. Nothing beats the fully support peaceful mind environment when you live in the busy city. Well, living in Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta is not easy as it used to these days, at least for me. As the popularity of the city is higher, the amount of people who want to live here is increasing. And you may as well know, it will also impacted on the environment habitual. Well, I'm not complaining here, since I also just moved here like seven or eight years ago, and enjoying everything this city offers to until now. But had these pavement to walk and enjoy the warm Sun is such a privilege nowadays. Especially when I was able to walk in heels. LOL. Played a bit touristy in the home city was not bad at all, in other hand, it will refreshed your mind just like you traveled around! Yeeepps, cheapest way when you have no money but in crave of travel. LOL.

I chose to wear simplest outfit, black sweater and jeans, just like appropriate travel outfit, and added hat plus my savior heels to walk in hours, made my whole outfit effortlessly chic. Don't you think so? I mean, come on, this combo never fails to give "effortless" look, plus so comfy to wear around. Win win solution for people-always-need-to-look-good-even-in-travel-mode. So what do you think? :)


sweater - Details (in man size)
hat & heels - Forever 21

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Red Lines

The fact that I never touch photo editing programs, sometimes left me with regret while browsing through people's mesmerizing photos. Deep down I really REALLY wanna have those dreamy creamy photos, but I'm just too busy to learn one. It left me no choice than pushing my camera's potential. Mastering your own camera is a big deal, especially when you carry them around every time every where. And believe me, as the always let the camera does it job, it is waaaaaaayyyyyy harder than editing the photos itself. LOL. But I get really excited on trying new tone for my camera (I just found them today while hunting for new photos) after hours of reading A LOT of tutorials the day before. It might be far away from the result I want to get, but realizing that I'm progressing on thing made me happy than the photo result itself. I wish I can get it through before the long holidays ahead (few more weeks to be exact!). Hope you guys have amazing day ahead just like I do!


hat & shoes - Forever 21

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pinky Blush

A quick update before heading to the weekend! Still from last week hype by EMINA Blogger Gathering - Yogyakarta, and this is what I wore that day. Since the dress code is 'Sugar Rush Colors', I chose to wear this pinky blush combo. A little bit looks like pastel than sugar rush though, LOL. My make up looked bold here, because there was a make up competition and my team mates wanted me to volunteered, so they did a bit of make over to my previous make up. Honestly I'm not a big fan of layering full make up; winged eyeliner, brows, and bit of loose powder and I'm good to go. But well, since all my team were already did their fully full make up, I was the one who looked so pale :( but well, it was fun having somebody else touched my face. Hahahaaa. So what do you think about my whole look? =)


top - Hana & Co
skirt - Ownfitters
sandals - Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EMINA Playground Blogger Gathering Yogyakarta

Last Saturday I was invited to grand opening of EMINA Playground slash blogger gathering at Hartono Mall Yogyakarta. As you might know (or probably some of you don't), EMINA is one of the popular local make up brand nowadays. Some reviews said EMINA cosmetic has cute and cheerful packaging, and others said their products smell so good and bring happiness in a sudden. So when I got chance to know and witness more about this brand, I felt so lucky! Plus I got to meet all the beautiful Yogyakarta fellow fashion bloggers.

At first I had so much doubts thinking about not going, but Nia convinced me A LOT and I'm glad she did (thank you soooo much Nia for inviting and making sure everything was gonna be okaaayyy!). Well, I was not gonna find familiar face there, and the fact that I should go alone, somehow scare me inside. LOL, but seriously. But worry not, because I made it to be there, and it was not as scary as my expectations. In fact it was supeeerrr fun. And not to mention EMINA treated all bloggers so damn well. 

The first hour was about introducing the bloggers to the EMINA's newest product series called "SUGAR RUSH" and as they carry "a place where beauty is fun" slogan, they play in cute cheerful packaging which I totally love! The next schedule was playing some games in EMINA counter, we played makeup competition and decorating cupcake competition. Even though they only picked a winner, I believe all bloggers are happy because each of us got a goodie bag and a chance to picked three products from EMINA counter! Last but not least, after shopping haul, we got dinner together, took photos and said goodbye to each others.

Big fat thanks to EMINA for hosting the event, and of course for treating us so damn well.

P.S you guys can buy EMINA products online through or offline by dropping by their official counters in your nearest place!

P.P.S sadly truth, I wasn't able to catch photos much since I was paying too much attention a.k.a having so much fun during the event, and my camera's battery was in low condition. Okay blame me. But I hope what I catch are good enough to represents my fun time there. xx

My team cupcakes for Cupcake Challenge

with Nia from, thank you for inviting me, love!

with all the bloggers

And here are EMINA products that I happily brought home. The tote bag, the Beauty Adventures book, and the shower gel are inside the goodie bag. In other hand, the loose powder, the lipstick and the eyeshadow are my own three picks along with the pink make up bag (yaaaiiiy!)

EMINA - Daisy Shower Gel
This shower gel smells so damn good! It's like sweet lemonade bubble gum (okay, I might not able to describe the smell, but it's somehow anything bubble gum!)

EMINA Sugar Rush Lipstick - Cookie Dough
I picked this lipstick because I don't have any brown lipstick, so yeah it's brown lipstick people! It smells like chocolate, maybe because it named 'Cookie Dough'. Honestly, it makes me want to lick my own lips every time I use this. LOL.

EMINA Bare With Me Mineral Loose Powder - Light Beige
Actually this is my last choice, because I had no idea what was I gonna get next. I give it a try because I heard it blends naturally and lasts longer to your face than any other loose powder. Since I always wear loose powder, I really curious to try it on.

EMINA Pop Rouge Pressed Eye Shadow - Nude
I've been wanting to change my old eye shadow which doesn't work properly to my eyes, so glad that EMINA gave me a chance. LOL. As usual, I picked the nude shade, because I don't play too much in eye shadow. I just love having natural look in the eyes because I already play hard in winged eyeliner.

I haven't tried these products much, except the Sugar Rush Lipstick, so as now on, I only can say that I love their packaging in each products so much! Girlish, cheerful and attractive, not to forget as they come in travel size, they are so handy. The smells are really good, not too strong, but still sweet. As I was swatch the colors in the counter before picking them out, they match my skin just fine.
I'll update you guys after I try them out, real soon!

Thanks again, EMINA!


Thursday, June 9, 2016


Years ago, never in my mind I ever thought (or even touched) of using curler to my hair because I was born a bit boyish back then. A ponytail or simple bobby pin worked well for me. My mom in other hand was born with beautiful curly hair, so she simply doesn't need curler; that's why I never touched curler in my earlier life. Then there was a phase of my college life, when I got to live alone, and my girlish side started to grow. Skirts, dresses, basic make up were on my shopping lists. At some point, I started to get bored of my regular straight hair. I colored it once in high school (oopppss!) and I thought of having colored hair again. Consumed by seeing a lot of magazines with those perfect-curls kind of models, I've been thinking of having the curls myself, and that's how I ended up having this kind of curls as my on the go hair. LOL. I looovvveeee every curls on my head, and now I feel a bit weird looking at my photos with my sleek straight hair. Truth be told, curly hair makes my hair look volumize and hide my chubbiness. LOL. How about you guys? Do any of you have on the go hair as preference? Or maybe your favorite hair treatmens, because I suck at taking care of my hair :( Let's share! Last but not least, happy fasting for all of my Moslem friends! =)


top - Berrybenka
skirt - Vivo
shoes - Forever 21