Monday, February 8, 2016

Touch of Red

Photographed by my super talented mom. Hahaa. Such a rare to get my mom out of home just for taking my photos. I swear nothing bully I did behind the scene. LOL. Took these set of photos in the CNY morning when the weather is sunnily freezing (is it even a word? But you guys get what I meant, right?). It's such an amazing feeling every time I come back to my hometown, I always have this touristy slash holidays feelings, because the clean road, the fresh air, the perfect cold weather, the smaller life scale, the slow pace kind of living, quite and friendly pavement everywhere. I feel like I'm visiting another Europe country here! And you know what's crazy? It only takes an hour and half to drive by from my current living place to get this living vitamin!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekend Rush

I wasn't expect to get wet and cold that day, which explained why I worn mini skirt and short sleeves shirt. Luckily, I brought my oversize jacket (well, okay it used to be my boyfie's), so I saved. Jogja has been so cold lately which I really love, so no complain! :D

I'm writing this entry while packing for home this early morning. Multitasking blogger, I know. LOL. I simply can't wait to spend this weekend at home, moreover I get extra day off because it's gonna be CNY also, so a big YAAIIIY. My two brothers are already at home now, so I really need the Sun to warm me up a little bit very soon before I cross the road. More coldy weather, here I come! Time to bundle up myself with sweaters! LOL. Since I'm a bit in rush, so happy weekend for you guys!


shirt (old) - Super T
dress worn as skirt - Something Borrowed
shoes - Forever 21

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Blues

The first photo above is my face when I get mad to the photographer but still have job to be done. LOL. First thing first, I didn't get mad at my photographer, in fact he was in reverse mad at me that day. LOL. Anyway, plan changed; I suppose to have a weekend getaway by tomorrow, but job's calling, so responsibility comes first. I postpone my holiday. Luckily as last minute ticket hunter, I haven't bought ticket nor hotel, so there is no harm. Pfiuuhh. That's why my blog title today is weekend blues (side aside that I worn blue sweater also! Hehee)

Now, back to my outfit, loose sweater and sweatpants, this is my holy combo, when I'm not in the middle of work, or party, or any girlish thingies. I literally live in sweatpants, everyday. How I wish I could show up on a meeting with sweatpants on. Okay, that's only okay if you were Kendall Jenner, or Cara Delevingne! Since I'm not both of them, I have to accept, sweatpants is not my working attire. But still, this is my holy combo to save my time when I don't have anything to wear, or when people expect me to wear my girly attires, yet I surprise them with this combo ;)


sweater - Nevada in men size
sweatpants - Reebok
shoes - Reebok

Monday, January 25, 2016


I promised myself, to be the best person in the next day every time I try to get sleep. Simply just to remind me, that I'm not good enough today, thus I need to force my inner power out. I'm beyond blessed, so by being lazy and asshole does only mean that I'm not grateful enough in every breath I take that time. Sounds so simple, but in real life, it's waaaaaaayyyy harder than it sounds. The thing that I believe to show how serious I am into my promise is by waking up early in the morning and keeping myself busy until I need to dress up for work. And filling my morning time is not easy, remembering I have lack of sleep these past few weeks. Most of time I'm done all the tasks early, and find myself bored because there is nothing to do, and of course it gets me sleepy. But I do believe there is no such thing as impossible, and well I do make promise with a reason; so remembering the reason is another way to swipe away the doubt.


crop top - Hana & Co
hat - Forever 21
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Black Page

So here it is, my very first proper outfit shot in 2016. I know, it's 18 days late, but it's always better late than never, right? *excuse of being bad blogger* Choosing to wear out my newest little black dress today, just to test the comfort of the materials in the hot day. And no regret at all! Anyway, how's 2016 treating you so far? Is it be a good or bad kid? I feel blessed with my 2016 so far. Business is going smooth and I'm enjoying every little progress in my time recently. Ahh, and I already plan this month trip, which I haven't decided yet. So exciting! Hope yours are as good as you wish to!


Little Black Dress - Something Borrowed
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell