Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Choices

I tried to look cute by wearing a pink headband and tidying up my hair. But instead of looking cute, my face looked rounder! HAHAAA, what a total fail. So for the rest of session I let my hair unravel, and got natural curly hair because of the tidying up process, what a chance! I guess unravel messy long hair will be popular again because of the rainy season's coming. You know how people get lazier in rainy days. 
Well, just like me, I had no plan nor idea on what was I gonna wear, I just put something casual and warm enough to wear outside, because of the weather (see what I meant?). As a point of my style, I chose my long gone pineapple bag (gosh how I missed this bag so much! Alright, blame me later, okay!), I've been ditching this bag for so long I barely remember, so I'm pretty excited to be able to pull it again. And since the rains just got stop and still freezing outside, I prefer wearing jeans to skirt. As for the top and outer, I mixed quite a lot until got this pair of sleeveless top and mom's brown cardigan. Okay I should stop mumbling now, but let me know what do you think and which hair styles you love most! The tidying hair or unraveling one? Have a great day, loves!


brown cardigan - mom's
white jeans - Hana & Co
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Monday, September 26, 2016

Furniture Shopping: Introducing Shop 2 Day

I’ve been living separately from my family since I was entering university life; and it has been 8 years now and still counting. What I love most from living on my own is, how creative I can be in choosing all the furniture myself. At my first three years of university life, I lived in a big house filled with around twelve standard rooms, two big rooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens and a large garage. Each room meant to be rent.And I rented one standard room which I could decorate. Yaaiiyy! First time I got there I had no idea on what should I do or buy in the very new place. So I asked the host to rent a bed, a wardrobe and a small table (I thought I will use it to do uni work, which turned out not using it much, lol). If only I could turn back time, I would never ever adding the rent rate by adding the horrible bed, ugly wardrobe and the table. Because as time went by, I found much much cooler place to buy cute stuffs for my room. The only missing thing was how inefficient it would be to look around and choose the stuff :(

BUT if you were gonna do it nowadays, it’s so much easier! I envy you because there are so many home furniture store which has online support system to purchase these days. Since I already move in bigger place for a year now, maybe I’m gonna take the advantage of online world. Hahaa. Well, you can’t get enough of furniture shopping, no? Just now, while I’m writing this entry for you guys, my other tab is opening furniture store called Shop 2 Day. Maybe you wonder why the store’s name is nothing sound like furniture store, because it’s ore than that! This UK based company is offering all home catalogues in a site and giving many payment options. They even have buy now pay later kind of service. How cool is that? And here are some of my personal picks from their site, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cloudy Somewhere

Ahh, finally here again with an outfit post. Don't you think my first pose look so stuffy? LOL. I didn't have enough time to practice my posing style, so yeah, since it's been a while now from my last outfit shoot, I really should start from the bottom again. Hahaa, blame my easily nervous self. Yogyakarta is being nice for the past few days, it's getting more cloudy and windy which is a big YAIY for mountain girl like me. I never enjoying sunny days because of the heat that I can't handle, but I don't wanna complain so much; however the sun light is the best light source for photography, right? :p 

So without further ado, I took the opportunity of my favorite weather to pull out all knitted look. A knitted shirt dress and a big knitted cardigan. I didn't really care if the colors aren't match, because I just simply love wearing fluffy knitted all over my body. HAHAA. And excuse my sad face, I guess the weather adding such sad memories into my mind and turn out, my face gets the impact. Okay, it's just non sense, but you guys understand what I meant, right?


dress - ROWLs
cardigan - ROMWE
shoes - Chrysallis
hat - Forever 21


And girls, if you are looking for evening dresses or wedding dresses, hope the store below will help. Red Prom Dresses

Friday, September 16, 2016

Gramedia Warehouse: Books Sale Haul

Yesterday me and boyfriend went to Gramedia Warehouse Sale in Yogyakarta.Gramedia is one of the famous book publisher in Indonesia, so you might guess, it's a book sale! Rumors said the warehouse will be changing function into something, so they need to get rid of the million books to get some spaces, and decided to hold the craziest book sale ever. Well, I had to put "crazy" word because the book sold in unimaginable price; $0.05 each. As a nerd at heart, I took the opportunity to visit the warehouse and just like I imagined, the place was flood by human even it isn't open yet. The sale scheduled to open at 9AM until 3PM everyday except Sunday, but guess what, before 12PM because of the enthusiasm, they should close the gate, and will be open in the next day. Funny story, I went there a week ago, arrived at 10:30 AM, and it was already closed! Crazy huh.

Well, don't tell how it feels to be inside the warehouse. Side aside from all the butterflies in my stomach; the place is full of human with different smells, HAHAHAAA, I can't say it's comfy as in book store, but to get the book at its prices, IT'S WORTH THE FIGHT! LOL. It took me around three hours to move and look for the books I wanna buy. If only there was less awaited people, it might get faster to finish. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera around to witness the crowd. But I'm glad I didn't, it might hard to avoid breaking my camera there.

And here are some treasures I scored, they might a little old, but who cares! I love them and been planning to buy them long time ago; who knows I was able to buy them in such a great great prices. HAHAA.

 I'm so so so SO IN LOVE with all about Russia, that's why when I saw these books I didn't need to think twice to put them in my shopping bag.
These books are on my waiting list in such a long time; but there was always no time to go to book store excuse, no money excuse, another interesting book excuse and more. But that day, when I saw it stand on the bookshelf along with another ones (I get all series!!!) I just can't help myself to bring all of them home.
I've been a fan of Agatha Christie novels since I was in high school. My brother used to buy Sherlock Holmes novels, and I enjoyed them. So when I first knew there is a woman who writes mystery novel, I tried to read and instantly fall in love since then. I have few pieces of her novels at home. I don't have these series yet, so yeah I'm pretty excited!

HAHAHAHAAA I have soft spot for dictionaries. Any kind of dictionary. I don't know why, maybe it's my weird thing, but I just so in love with dictionaries and languages. I love knowing new words and use them in daily. Well, maybe not that often, but I love playing words. And seeing dictionaries standing neatly on my own bookshelf gives me relaxing vibe. Weird isn't it? :p
The Indonesian Civil Code dictionary, I have no idea what's inside, but the hardcover and the vintage color melt me.
I learned a bit of French back in High School, so yeah a good reason to buy the French dictionary :p
I really really REALLY don't speak Swedish or learn it, but it's just.. a dictionary so I need to buy it.

These three were my random picks, so there is no valid reason why did I buy them :p

These two last photos were my boyfie's pick. He personally loves comic and superheroes, so that kinda explains why he picked all of these six.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Childhood Memories - The Toys

I just spent three days of my holidays at my parents home a.k.a my childhood home. It always feels so good to spend time there after weeks of non stop working. Nothing's change, it's still the same house I left eight years ago. This time, I spent the day inside y dad's workspace, and found few toys I used to play when I was a child. My parent never spent so much on toys. I used to have four dolls only, yes for my entire life! Hahaa. A big pink teddy bear, a medium green panda, a scary girl doll and a small monkey doll. LOL. But at this age, I realize that my dad is always put quality over quantity. And it happened on his selection for his child toys. My dad is a teacher, a mathematics teacher particularly, so that explains why we have these toys. Not ordinary toys, but the ones which can stimulatethe brain kinda toys. I can't remember when and where my dad bought them, the only thin I remembered is me and my brothers used to fight a lot because none wanted to give up on these games. Hahaa. Do any of you play these kind of games back then? Let me know!