Christmas with Yoins

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ho, ho, hoooooo… *Santa’s voice*
Santa is coming! Who’s excited for Christmas holidays? Me, me, me!!!!!! XD
So, what’s up guys? What are you planning for this Christmas? Hang around with family or you have work to do? Or just chill out with your friends?

Have you prepared for baking cookies? Or buy the food? Have you bought Christmas gifts? What did you buy? Clothes? Shoes? Jewelries?
Ahh, too many questions. Well, since I don’t celebrate Christmas, that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about the holidays. Come on, who’s not loving holidays! XD
So my plan would be chilling around at home in the morning, bundle up my body with comfy sweater; relax under my blanket, accompanied by hot chocolate and cookies. Aww, that’s feel hot, literally hot. Hey, I live in tropical country anyway. Hahaaaa. So instead of sweater, maybe I will opt to wear stylish dresses for women perhaps.

Well, I have many free times at this moment, so yes, looking at the beautiful site like is one of my favorite to do list nowadays XD There are so many cute clothes, plus there are sexy tops sale online happening now!

You can thank me later if you find what you are looking for :) And here are some of my favorite! Let me know what do you think!

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