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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This following post is might be a little early for me personally, or for some of you. But, I thought this information I'd share is might be useful, so you might wanna read until the very end =)

So, few days ago, Dec 22nd was national Mother's Day in Indonesia. And it made me wondering, how does it feel to be a mom? Especially in the years ago, where online life doesn't exist. It might be hard, but I guess it was stress-less. HAHAA. Online life is harder than real life, do you agree with me? And being pregnant in this millennial moment is way more challenging. Some of the good sides are we can easily get many information without going to the hospital and facing the doctor, we can easily know the do's and the don'ts, we can get so many support from the online community without knowing the person personally. But, the bad sides are always come along the way, we can easily get bullies, and God knows how bullies can affect the moms to be, we can easily get misleading information, and so on.

To get a healthy pregnancy, as a parent to be, both moms and dads are really should working together to filter the information and doing doctor's appointment regularly. So we can avoid the common mistakes, and get the solution from the real doctor. And I guess, just like any other experience, the best way to get through is by reading the trusted source to learn. Few days ago, I was introduced to checkpregnancy.com, a website full of pregnancy article, parenting, baby, and many useful information about women's health. You might wanna check it out. I share this because I thought it might help =) So, stay healthy moms to be! I hope you guys get good-reading read the site.


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