Furniture Shopping: Introducing Shop 2 Day

Monday, September 26, 2016

I’ve been living separately from my family since I was entering university life; and it has been 8 years now and still counting. What I love most from living on my own is, how creative I can be in choosing all the furniture myself. At my first three years of university life, I lived in a big house filled with around twelve standard rooms, two big rooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens and a large garage. Each room meant to be rent.And I rented one standard room which I could decorate. Yaaiiyy! First time I got there I had no idea on what should I do or buy in the very new place. So I asked the host to rent a bed, a wardrobe and a small table (I thought I will use it to do uni work, which turned out not using it much, lol). If only I could turn back time, I would never ever adding the rent rate by adding the horrible bed, ugly wardrobe and the table. Because as time went by, I found much much cooler place to buy cute stuffs for my room. The only missing thing was how inefficient it would be to look around and choose the stuff :(

BUT if you were gonna do it nowadays, it’s so much easier! I envy you because there are so many home furniture store which has online support system to purchase these days. Since I already move in bigger place for a year now, maybe I’m gonna take the advantage of online world. Hahaa. Well, you can’t get enough of furniture shopping, no? Just now, while I’m writing this entry for you guys, my other tab is opening furniture store called Shop 2 Day. Maybe you wonder why the store’s name is nothing sound like furniture store, because it’s ore than that! This UK based company is offering all home catalogues in a site and giving many payment options. They even have buy now pay later kind of service. How cool is that? And here are some of my personal picks from their site, what do you think?

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  1. The second bed is amazing:)
    Have a lovely day!


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