It's Okay To be Far Away From Your Loved Ones

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's been two months already, since my last met with le boyfie. Well, long distance relationship sucks actually. But truth be told, the hardest part of being away from your loved ones is the bored feeling looking at your phone without being able to touch them.

As for me there are certain things I've done for years now, just in case I miss my family or le boyfie (P.S I've been living far from my family for almost 7 years now!). Old school ways you can tell. Hahaa! The first thing is CALL; somehow hearing their voices is healing our souls from homesickness. Don't just texting or emailing. Call your loved ones once in a while is good for both souls though. Video calling is way better!
The second one is A SURPRISE LETTER/GIFT; what's better than welcoming postman in the door nowadays (or it's just me? Mehh.) Give them a surprise could be letter or maybe gift, as long as it posted through mail/postman. Nothing is better than seeing big smiles on your loved ones faces, right? And knowing their feedback can cure your (my) homesickness.
The third one is LOCKING THEIR SMELLS THROUGH THEIR CLOTHES. This one is my ultimate weapon, LOL. When you have no credits on your phone, or your internet connectivity sucks, or you have no money to sent letter/gift; I always sit on the comfiest place on my room, lock the door and grab my mom cardigan (which already mine, but still has mom's smell), and smell it all day long until I feel better. Thus, I always save mom's and boyfriend's clothes in my closet. And to add the feeling, me and le boyfie sometimes bought our couple clothes right before he left. And just because we're both not into malls, we usually bought it through online; and one site which provides couple clothes (baju couple) is Zalora Indonesia. We worn the clothes for few days and exchanged it. So boyfie has mine, and I have him. Hahaa.

Those tricks maybe sound silly for some of you, but it works for me though! :D


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