Marina 24H Beauty Challenge

Saturday, March 08, 2014

It’s getting hotter here in my city, does summer already comes? I’m in happy-not so-happy situation when the sun comes up. The happy part is because I can pull my tank top, crop top, mini skirt, shorts and other summer essential stuffs. Ahh not to mention the hat and glasses too! :D

And the not so happy part is, since I live in tropical country which means the sun heat is burning more than European sun, so my skin will get dried easily, and even burned when I’m out under the sun too much. Don’t take this statement as complain. I do feel blessed to live in this country, BUT still who doesn’t want to have healthy skin?!
So as a protection I apply hand & body lotion a lot (sometimes I also apply sunblock). It's kinda hard to find the right lotion to my body, since there are so many options. I even don't truly know if they really have correct ingredients or just selling products.

Lately I heard about Marina hand & body lotion which well known because of its affordable price. After read and search for so many reviews, my heart fell into Marina Natural Protects and Cares. Amazingly amazing, its so smooth and moisturize my skin perfectly. As an active girl who spend my day in outdoor activity a lot, it helps me enjoying my activity without getting worried of sunbeam. Well, the one I choose (Marina Natural Protects and Cares) contains of apple and red poppy extracts which have high antioxidant.

Today I went to grocery shopping, and worn all black clothes (at the sunny day, really? Lol) Of course I already started my day applying Marina XD So I don’t need to worry about my skin get dried or whatever skin’s problems, lol XD
And at the afternoon I do sport. I’m freaky love sport, and choose Parkour as my sport activity. I usually go to the playground at 4.00 PM and end up at 6.00 PM. I know, at that time, the sun won’t hurt your skin, but I prefer to apply Marina before I go, just in case the sun isn’t friendly. Plus, to make my skin smells better during the activity, lol.

and my Parkour video from last January :D


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  1. love that fury stuff :D

  2. lovely look, i love the shoes :)

  3. i love your look, it is perfect!
    I wait you on my blog,kiss!

  4. Great images doll!
    Check out to see the photo's I took in America!

    Stay pretty doll xxxx

  5. I loved your video! Looks like so much fun! Your all black outfit is really cool!
    Thanks for your last comment! They always make me really happy :)
    Lots of love!

  6. Have you ever thought about getting rid of your fringe? I just imagined you without it and I am pretty sure you would look fabolous!:)

  7. Great look,so pretty
    Wanna follow each other ,let me know

  8. Hi dear!
    Nice outfit, the jacket is kind a chic touch :)
    Love the bag!so cool!

  9. ooh! You look great! <3



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