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Friday, March 17, 2017

I've been planning to chop my hair into bob style like I used to have for a while now. But, since I have an important plan which needs me to keep my hair long, I'm unable to do what I wished to :( You know, having longhair has its perks; you can do any creativity with your long hair, especially when it strong and shiny! Hahaa. As a downside, maintaining the long hair consumes much time and of course longer treatments. Pfiuhh. On the other side, having short hair is less treatments, less time consumed, but also less creativity. Ahh I'm so confused choosing the right style, because as you guys seen, I love curl my hair as daily style, and I couldn't do it if I chose to chop my hair, right? Until, recently I got a brilliant idea (my call, LOL), a perfect solution for those who want to cut their hair, but still want to manage having long hair just in case, why don't you get yourself a wig? Yes, and in my case I probably need to stock up curly human hair wigs. If you wondering, how can we get the trusted store to buy human wigs, you can always check on, a store which provides any styles of human wigs, hair extensions and accessorize.
Here is what I probably need, soooo in love with both colors and texture! What do you guys think?

Curly 22 Inches Lace Front Cap 120% Human Hair

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