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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gloomy weather, here you come. Don’t let the gloomy weather ruin your special occasions. But, what’s better than bundling up yourself with layering of huge coat and long sleeves? Of course, sitting in front of fire works. Hahaa. Maybe that is one of many reasons why wedding party never happen in the end of year. Beside the impractical clothes that might be happen (well, imagine how we look like in layering clothes. Eek, snow girls are coming! LOL)

But, no need to worry again! Looking good in bad weather is not a problem anymore. I rely on my-always-savior-cool-web store which sell a lot of dresses for wedding and other special occasions like prom night or maybe dinner gala. Cool huh! So, please welcoming PickeDresses! Just have a mind about what do you want to look like, and voila you can find anything from their site!

And for the cold weather problem as I mentioned above, you can find many pretty prom dresses which have long sleeves (in classy way of course!), in their long prom dresses section. Or maybe if you in the need of stocking up for the summer prom, you can always take a look at their short prom dresses section. I personally love choosing long prom dresses as options, because I’d love to support the bad weather with elegance. Hahaa. So, my best choices will be black colored dress with long sleeves! And for the wedding, because white wedding dress is a must, long sleeves brocade dress might be a good option to prevent your skin from the coldness.
And here are my favorite dresses from PickeDresses. And to wear them, you only need to cover with a coat outside, and voila you ready to go! :D

*All images source: PickeDresses

So, what do you guys think about my choices? :)


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