One Stop for All: Introducing Yes Catalogues

Thursday, October 06, 2016

I guess most people love online shopping. Well who doesn't? With all the easiness, and sometimes with all the discount, and lower prices! IF there were people who hate it, they must be crazy, like seriously. LOL. As a person, and as a human who happen to have a blog, lifestyle particularly, it's like a fair share if I lovvvvveeeee shopping through online (half of my life is online though!). Just click, search, click, pay, and BAMM! The goods are already in front of your house. Even though we expect to get the package in the next few days, but still it kinda bring butterflies around my stomach to see packages, wrap neatly, and smell so good. Feels like opening my birthday presents. HAHAA. I'm not alone in this, right?

I love shopping as much as sharing, thus, in this post I wanna share my mining gold, okay not really a mining gold, but still a treasure, my new found in the world of online shopping. There is this website called Yes Catalogues which happens to collect tons of fashion products from various store in a site. How cool is that, huh? So you don't need to jump from one onto another site just because your fashion needs doesn't take pride in just a web store. Yes Catalogues offers help to customer, and by help I meant that they manage the site in such a way that customer able to compare tons of products by price range, discounts, delivery options and payment options. What a fresh new way in the world of online shopping, don't you think so? And while I'm browsing, I manage to browse some stores through their site. So, what do you think about both my treasure and my picking stores? Any idea to share? Let me know!

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