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Do you ever feel that you can always find a reason to shopping? I meant, even though we really are in thigh budget, but somehow we always can slip out, and shopping. Even when we feel guilty after that, but there is such happiness inside your heart and butterflies fly around your stomach. That's a real guilty pleasure I guess. HAHAHAA. Do you ever feel that? Well, I don't write anything to teach you feel good about shopping, because it IS good! The only thing I want to share is, how does it takes to be smart shopper. We might want to buy anything in store which we don't need now; it's okay, it's normal. The only thing you need to do before going bankrupt, LOL, is to find the perfect store, so let's just say, you won't spend much but still get much and feel the happiness. As a blogger, and happen to post outfit shoots regularly, of course I'm talking about clothes, and accessorize and shoes and bag, and any fashion related.

That's why, I feel lucky enough to find StyleWe. You might wonder, what is that. Well, StyleWe is a web store which happens to carry A LOT of independent designers products. How cool is that, huh! Imagine you'd be able to buy an independent designers products in just a click, and BAMM it's already in your door step. They bring many interesting designers to join their platform, thus we can expect the limited edition of their products will be. Exclusive, original and still affordable for your pocket. And here are some of my favorites right now, quite interesting, no? Let me know what do you think? =)

They're having SALE right now, so you better hurry to get some cut off!
... also find them on:

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  1. Great post! Nice shop:)

  2. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  3. Lovely post!


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