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Something kept me very busy in life for the past few days, thus I wasn’t able to update this blog as often as it used to. But I wish I get better in scheduling everything, so I can keep every important thing moving without sacrificing one to another. So, how are tou guys holding up? Anthing new with your life recently? Ahh, do you guys notice that for the recent months, the wheater is changing so fast? Or is it just in my city? One day it was so hot that made me want to live underwater, but the next two days it would be gloomy and chilly; weird thing, huh. I guess global warming is real, so we can’t stick to the weather forecast. 

Why in a sudden am I talking about this, you might wonder. The thing is I’m into anything astrologically, but I’m writing because all of the wardrobe weather based thing, you know all of us (and I know it is most of us) change our wardrobe every weather. That’s why there is summer wardrobe staple, autumn wardrobe staple, winter, and spring wardrobe staple. But with the fact that weather is changing so fast, we can’t use the same old wardrobe weather based, no? But stock every piece of clothes in a huge wardrobe is not a wise choice either. I guess the only thing which we can do is by saving the essentials piece only. Let’s say, the clothes that we can’t live without in every condition. By picking selectively, we can save the room, and still have what we need. And I suggest, designer piece is included. You know, how timeless and elegant and fun it can be. So if you ever need designer piece, you can try to check StyleWe. StyleWe is an online store which carry much choices of designer pieces. And you know what, I guess having cropped jacket is a good idea for summer slash winter wardrobe; and you might check https://www.stylewe.com/category/cropped-jackets-185. Below here are my personal choices ;D and you're welcome!


P.S you can also check for their blog and youtube channel :D

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  1. Beautiful items:) I like the last jacket:)
    Have a nice weekend!:)


  2. Stylish jackets! I particularly like the first))
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