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Have you girls ever thought that you are so addicted to shop? I don't know if using the word "addicted" was correct, but what I meant there is you can't hold your desire to buy something. I'm not calling myself a shopping addict (well, who does admit it, duhh!), but there are some times when I see some stuffs and I feel like really really REALLY need to buy it. I throw many excuses to not buy, yet I always find the answer of my excuse. Just like, "that's cute, but I don't need it. I still have my cute and useful hat", and my other self answer "yeah, you do have many hats, but look at it, you don't have that style. And TOUCH, the fabric is so soft. Good choice of investment". Then BAMM, I put it and walk confidently to the cashier. HAHAHAA. Any of you familiar with that kind of argument? You're not alone!

And internet looks like blessing in disguise. It's easier to do anything online, and making my wallet looks unhappy. HAHAHAA. Like now, I'm very aware that I'm not in high school phase anymore, but browsing (and bit searching) prom dress online is a slice of happiness, especially when I found complete store like babyonlinedress. LOL. I can always find excuse like, "I may not go to prom again, but look, I can wear this cute dress to formal or evening parties as my attire". See, how easy it is. is a web store specialized in producing gorgeous party dresses. You can find anything for any party needs. AND they offer $10 OFF over $109 for my beloved readers who want to buy. Cool, huh? :D And here are some good picks from them. What do you think?

And not to forget, I attach two real customers who bought and wore their dresses from babyonlinedress =)

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  1. wow those dresses are amazing!:)


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